high heels and lindsey vonn

Lindsey Vonn in high heels

Lindsey Vonn put these up on her Facebook page last night.  The album is titled “Italian Sports Week” and the photos were done for the magazine “Sports Week” from Italy.  The cover of Sports Week reads “Lindsey Vonn – Queen of the Snow”.

lindsey vonn is hot

Lindsey Vonn lookin’ Euro

People will invariably talk about why Lindsey needs to do photo shoot like this.  Why she doesn’t just let her skiing speak for itself.  With 4 World Cup wins in a row this fall (5 total this fall), 46 World Cup wins, 3 overall World Cup Championships in a row, Olympic gold & bronze medals, it appears that she already has let her skiing speak for itself.

lindsey vonn sunglasses

Lindsey being Euro

I think Lindsey Vonn might be doing her favorite thing to do – whatever she wants to do.  Good for you Lindsey, and yeah, you look like a million bucks.

sports week cover lindsey vonn

If you’re still not convinced that she looks good in photos, here’s a few more form Lindsey’s FB profile:

evening gown on lindsey vonn

Lindsey in evening attire


baseball cap on lindsey vonn

Lindsey lookin’ ‘Merican


photo shoot with lindsey vonn

Lindsey lookin’ “cover of vogue magazine"

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  1. Cunning bunnington says:

    Needs moar camel toe

  2. SkiTheBigSky says:


  3. Alright Squaw, turn back on the snowmaking guns…Miles is bored and touching himself again.

    • Miles Clark says:

      Mikey, there is nothing wrong with masturbation.

      • Jordan Schwartz says:

        So the real question is: When will Vonn BN Vail/Loveland/Berthoud Pass? We all know it will not happen in-bounds, but I would love to see that. I’ll even be the photographer.

  4. 707 says:

    She knows she is hot so she likes to display it,I wanna ride with her than party afterwards!

  5. Bob says:

    YEP She’s hot!

  6. spm says:

    Isn’t she single now too?

  7. built ford tough says:

    still rides men’s skis

  8. Nick says:

    Lynsey Dyer > Lindsey Vonn

  9. Ski Bum says:

    I just passed out!!

  10. Capt Crunch says:

    Julia! All. Day. Long.

  11. Drew B says:


  12. schvazule says:

    I agree with you all. she could use a good Italian to take her skiing to the next level.

  13. John B. says:

    Legs are completely airbrushed. She’s got meaty tree trunks like Picabo, but it’s nice to see what she WOULD look like if she wasn’t a Mack truck.


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