Linsdey and Thomas Vonn. photo: getty images

Lindsey Vonn married olympian and former US Ski Team member Thomas Vonn on September 29, 2007.  Yesterday, Lindsey announced that she and Thomas will be getting a divorce.

“It is with great sadness that I announce that Thomas and I have begun divorce proceedings.  This is an extremely difficult time in my personal life and I hope the media and my fans can respect my need for privacy on this matter. I will continue to be coached by the U.S. Ski Team and look forward to competing the rest of the season.” – Lindsey Vonn


Thomas Vonn is 9 years older than Vonn and at the time of their marriage that age difference was a bit of a controversy (Lindsey was 22, Thomas was 31).  When Lindsey began dating Thomas in 2005, it pissed her father off that Thomas was so much older.  Lindsey and her father became estranged, he wasn’t invited to the wedding, and they are reportedly still estranged to this day.  Alan was her coach and Thomas has been her coach since they began dating.

Thomas was Lindsey’s coach and advisor and was in charge of setting up interviews, dealing with logistics, coaching her, and dealing with the media.

Thomas was a US Ski Team member and Olympian in 2002 in Salt Lake City where he got his best ever international result placing 9th in the Super G.


Lindsey’s maiden name is Kildow.  Wonder if she’ll change it back?

The divorce papers were filed last monday.


Do you think it was that High School kid Parker?  We know he’s got skills…

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  1. permnation says:

    Uh oh, she fell for the quirky high school kid…going 9 years the other way.

  2. jwhoa says:

    “the kid”

  3. dino says:

    Damn! I bet Parker’s homies are all, “you Dawg!” Funny how this comes so shortly in the wake of the harmless homecoming dance “foray” of Lindsey and Parker… or was it?

  4. Parker Mcdonald says:

    Its game on….


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