Lindsey and sister on beach in Francia

We kinda feel like the paparazzi posting these.  Except for that these are her photos and she pushed them out to the public under no pressure.  So, no paparazzi we think?

Lindsey Vonn wants us to know that she looks good in a bikini.  She’s been posting these photos on Facebook of her and her sisters on vacation in the South of France.

After dominating the ski racing circuit and winning the overall World Cup title, she deserves a little bikini time.  Don’t you think?

Lindsey doing some balance training on vacation


Lindsey getting inverted


Lindsey with sis on beach time


Lindsey, planking isn’t cool


Lindsey not in the south of france


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  1. Heckler says:

    I’d clean her CHIMNEY

  2. Hugh Chardon says:


  3. annoymous says:

    so don’t care…

  4. Chuck u. Farley says:

    Dat Ass!

  5. dammmnnnn says:

    sista’s got sum ass on dat

  6. BostonGeorge says:

    I would suck a fart out of her ass, and hold it in like a bong hit.

  7. SHERPA says:

    Lindsey, i see you in vail and bc. very nice !! you should ski from on part of EVEREST… just kidding, there is not much of long run like the birds of prey on everest. Go on ChOyu and its got good decent run.

  8. Bueno says:

    I will take a vonn sandwich please

  9. Alpentalbc says:

    Hold her fart in? Dude you got issues.

  10. John W says:

    That 2nd bikini is as small as possible! Some shaving was likely done.

  11. trav says:

    I wanna have sex with her for hours.

  12. tpinwv says:

    After that fat check to the feds, looks like she’s trolling for a SugarDad!

  13. gorby says:

    ha ha .. planking isn’t cool.

  14. RobJoy says:

    Looks like from the photos she’s got weight-control issues. I’ve never seen her so thin as in one of these pics. most of the time she’s carrying some extra lbs.


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