Leki Venom Vario AERGON Speedlock- Worlds best ski pole

Leki Venom Ski Pole

I know that this is a supreme title to bestow on a ski pole. but i assure you this is the best friend you never knew you had.  Here are the main points I took from the last couple of weeks skiing with the Leki Venom Speedlock:

  • A + handle (so cool those peopele at leki are geniuses)
  • I actually climb faster with the lighter weight pole, really relaxing
  • More ski stoke on way down = easier climb on way up
  • Good big basket doesn’t have a weird swing weight, nice poling out on traverses
  • Great climbing at 140 cm pole / skiing 115 cm.  Im 6’2 so i need the tall pole climbing up
  • Back never hurts after a long tour
  • These poles although expensive are modern works of art.

I give these poles a 10/10.  For the best set up around, Leki does it pro.  The handles even work perfectly with the duke riser and is easy to get in and out of the straps.  Kevlar reinforced handles are made from the strongest, lightest stuff on earth, these poles perform great.  This is a pole I want when my friends and I are out of “cell” coverage in the mountains.

leki venom pole

These poles have never iced up, slipped on me, or has the locking mechanism flipped out.  This is the Gangster of backcountry poles.  My wrists don’t hurt, and most of all on the tough skinning spots my palms don’t have any pressure  because of the length and handle of this super pole.
john wells airing over mt. baker
John Wells skiing with the Leki – Venom Vario AERGON Speedlock.  Long name…super sick pole.
Visit.  www.leki.com  to pick up a pair/ MSRP : $249.00 /// Well worth it.

Venom Vario AERGON SpeedLock

Grip: AERGON Long

Shaft: 6.5/Carbon/Kevlar

Shaft Size: 16/14

Basket: Snowflake / Bandit

Tip: Carbide Flextip

Length: 105 – 150 cm

Warranty: 2 Year

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  1. John Wells says:

    the pole of the year

  2. alex says:

    $250 pole? Ridiculous…

  3. Tommy Moesely says:

    My life is worth using whippets from Black Diamond.

  4. J Dubs says:

    Dude the whippet is cool if your skiing everest but seriously, powder skiing should not involve ice tools, you could poke your eye out!

  5. Colin says:

    Those poles are really sick, but 99.9% of skiers looking to tour just spent so much money on the rest of their setup that they wouldn’t ever consider dropping $250 on poles.

  6. John Wells says:

    I dont care about 99.9 % of skiers just because people can’t afford things is irrelevant, It is an amazing pole and until you try it you can’t knock it….back bowls of vail…..really….whippets are overkill…get an ice axe if you are that hardcore, ever try launching a cliff with a whippet in your hand!


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