Homewood trail map

Homewood ski resort on the west shore of Lake Tahoe has decided to shut down weekday operations.

“The resort will be closed Mondays – Thursdays until snow conditions permit full operations or further notice.” – Homewood

They have a 16” base and the temperature at 3:45 pm at Homewood today was 55 F.

They are still open 3 days a week, which is cool.  

This year’s lack of snow, recent high temperatures, and minimized holiday business has caused havoc at Western USA ski resorts.  The current forecast of high temperatures and no storms isn’t helping anything.

Homewood huckage

More ski resort are going to have to follow Homewood and Mount Ashland’s lead until more snow arrives.  And we hope it arrives soon and arrives large.

Big Rumors are circulating around at every resort that is hurting for snow right now.  Squaw Valley is reported to be laying off 400 workers in the next week and June Mountain is said to have been forced to lay off half of it’s staff.  It’s really nobody’s fault.  There just isn’t snow which results in no business and no way to keep employees working.

We sincerely hope things improve as soon as environmentally possible.

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  1. Miles Clark says:

    Sad, but understandable. This is a tough year. T-shirt shorts and flips flops at 4pm in Tahoe.

  2. Ex VP says:

    Lay offs are bad for business imo… treat good staff as sheet and the customer senses it and reads all about it. In contrast Vail Resorts gave a 2% wage RISE last fiscal year and Mammoth are feeding staff. Why not re-employ or deploy them on minor maintenance or as get guiding bored customers, yaga’ing …. something. Open the kids camp thing near the fire station Anything.

    • brian says:

      still, theres a breaking point. most of a resorts employees are there to handle anticipated volume. if no one is buying lift tickets, then you dont need as many sales people, retail cashiers, waiters or patrollers. if it goes on long enough, it becomes inevitable that you have to lower variable costs since i imagine the fixed costs associated with operating a ski resort are huge

  3. Tahoe guy says:

    They have sledding and beginner lessons at Homewood fri, say, sun at least. ;) Good job doing what you can this year homiewood!

  4. Steep & Deep says:

    Did anyone read Andy Wirth’s comments in the NLT Bonanza. Or listen to this windbag on CNBC. He has a marketing background and at the end of the day feeds lipservice. SMOKE & MIRRORS!!!


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