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Polish kite surfer, Jan Lisewski,  is a gnarly dude.  He had planned on crossing the Red Sea from El Gouna to Duba with no knife.  Then, his brother convinced him to take one.  It saved his life.

“I was stabbing them [sharks] in the eyes, the nose and gills.” – Jan Lisewski

Jan was out in the middle of the Red Sea when the wind stopped and he was stranded for 2 nights.

Lisewski said he sent out an SOS signal right away, but it took the Saudi Arabian Coast Guard nearly 40 hours to find him. His first night was difficult- he ran out of water and turned his kite into a raft he could sleep in. He spotted a fisherman’s ship and managed to fire a safety rocket, but wasn’t picked up.” –

Jan Lisewski

On Jan’s second night he drifted into a reef area and was attacked by sharks.  He counted 11 Red Sea Sharks around him.  He thinks they were attracted to the color of his kite.

 ”I was pushed by the wind to the worst place, a reef, where sharks have been preying. They were about 2,5 to 6 meters. They attacked me through my kite, which must’ve also attracted them because of its colour. I stabbed them in the eyes, nose and gills. The fight, which I’ve miraculously survived, took whole night. By the morning, they were gone.” – Jan Lisewski

Full Interview with Jan about his epic ordeal:

Interview with Shark Stabbing Kite Surfer

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  1. jdubx says:

    what a badass

  2. uncle kurt says:

    dudes full of shit

  3. Jolly roger says:

    sounds like a pretty tall tale to me

  4. Chaz McBone says:

    Does sound like a load of crap. A 6m (18 ft) shark will not be stopped with a knife, especially if there are multiple sharks.

  5. dmon says:

    Oh and did I mention the sea bears?!!! I fought two of those too.

  6. dontbeakook says:

    sharks are the most sensitive in the eye area. my uncle fought off a great white in that manner. and his friend (my acquaintance) has over 2,000 stitches all over his body, and survived by beating the shark in the eyes in the same manner. WITH A SURF BOARD. a knife would be fine for red sea sharks.

    but im sure you know everything. im sure they were smaller then 6m, reef sharks generally arent that big. but oh wait, im sure you knew that too, because u know everything, right?

    fuckin kooks

  7. Ben says:

    Did you read the article? The guy sounds like a total crazy polish badass.

    Sounds pretty legit to me.

  8. TMax says:

    It went something like this..

  9. bobby bigbuds says:


  10. Janice says:

    good thing he brought a knife to a shark fight….

  11. Three31 says:

    I hope his GoPro was on for that.


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