kate upton in skullcandy

Kate Upton is okay, we guess.  Skull Candy is certainly a iconic brand in skiing and snowboarding.  We suppose it’s cool that they are getting together.  But there is a bottom line to be addressed here:

Does Kate Upton Make You Wanna Buy Skull Candy?

Well, don’t be shy, does she?

Kate has ears.

YouTube Preview Image
 Kate doing a Skull Candy spot with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Kate has acute hearing


Kate is an auditory learner


Kate hears all

This video is Kate using her ears to hear music and dance appropriately.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Kate Upton’s hotness doesn’t change the fact that Skullcandie’s suck.

    • Ski Bum says:

      ur supposed to put them in your ears, not in your butt. SkullCandy headphones rock Dude. They always work, don’t break, sound awesome and their warranty is bomber. PLUS the company is in Utah.

      • ktrout says:

        eh, they don’t sound any better than $10 earbuds you can get anywhere. Only reason to wear them is because you have money to burn and you think they make you look cool.

        • ScottCL says:

          Did you ever stop and think…that maybe not everything posted on the internet is serious?

          • Ski Bum says:

            At least someone has a sense of humor…
            btw, I have 3 pairs of SkullCandy headphones and only one broke and they sent me a new one. Yes, some of their warranty is 1/2 off if you totally trashed it yourself. I don’t wear them while skiing, so maybe that’s why mine don’t break. The one I had that was sent via warranty, the plug actually was not working right in the iPhone. Oops, I also spent money on an iPhone. I’m such a loser!

      • uh says:

        I don’t know about those “always work” and “don’t break” statements. They do sound good (especially their newer buds), much better than “$10 earbuds you can get anywhere.” All 4 of my pairs of SC’s have broken. I’m fine with that though, because they’re like $20, and they warranty anything (by giving you 1/2 off your next purchase, not a terrible deal). not like shitty $150 Bose headphones that break after 2 weeks.

        if you want real quality you gotta spend >$100. sad, but true. if they fit your ears, I’d recommend Koss over SC, but my broke ass’ll stick with my smokin’ buds a little longer.

      • That Guy says:

        Offices are in Utah. All manufacturing is done in China…

  2. JayT says:

    Makes me want to buy a motorboat for some reason…

  3. Enrique says:

    No, but she does make me wanna do something about this huge boner.

  4. jo says:

    she makes me wanna buy a car that can help me get trim like kate upton

  5. Ian says:

    I’d give her MY skull candy… But no. I’ve got better shit to spend my money on.

  6. Pat_A says:

    No but her tits do.

  7. AKGprorider says:

    Who is she? Skier?
    AKG Headphones are much better. No trendbrandbullshit. AKG make real quality products. And hey listen to nature´s sounds or do liftchat.

  8. YeeKiller says:

    Go back to the cave u live in AKGprorider, Heck Yes!!, Ill buy Skull Candy if Upton is selling them.


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