First thing- when watching this video, you should just go ahead and pretend you’re a hip little 16 year old starring in an iPod Touch commercial. Especially if you are, in fact, 16 years old.  The tune is too catchy to not bounce around to.  Second- happy Thirsty Thursday afternoon.  I encourage you to have a beverage of your choice and marinate on thoughts of how awesome winter can be. If you are the aforementioned teenager, I recommend a tall glass of water and to do your homework so someday you can be something more than a pro skier.

How does your ideal storm come together?  What if you had this stipulation: you’re starting with a thin snowpack.

  • I’d want the storm to be big.  60″ should suffice.
  • I want it to cake everything before getting colder and lighter.
  • I want some serious storm skiing followed by a couple sunny days to really round everything out.

Eh, right. Check, Check, and MF’n CHECK.

In short, Jackson Hole was the place to be when the weather patterns allowed a fat ass storm to come squat over the Tetons for about 6 days.

My apologies for having this “up to the minute” coverage roughly ten thousand minutes late. (60 min x 24 hrs x 8 days. It checks out.)   If you’re having a hard time remembering how this all went down…first put down the bong. Then refresh your memory:

Welcoming the Storm to Jackson Hole

Embracing the Storm


Which leaves me here, without a witty title about what we did as The Storm wrapped up at the end of the weekend.

Fwame gwabs:

Rock Springs shifty

I’ll be the first to admit that a “shifty” is really just a glorified twister. Commence double-E in 3.2.1…

Why Not

Bouncing into the next turn in the JHBC. See next image…

White Room

Bienvenue à la Salle Blanche.

Early access

Early access to do some shooting with JHMR marketing. Makes me wish for Stowe’s 8:00AM opening time!

Pepi's Bench

En route to the opening of Casper & The Crags. Hikers make chase like zombies. MUST. EAT. POWDER.

Lower Casper Bowl

“My whole run was so sick, surely everything is fine over he…BEDSURFACE!

Stash Park

I’m so new school.

Spread Eagle

I’m so old school.


You made it to the bottom! Cheers!

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  1. Tom says:

    Oh fucking right on doggy.

  2. dale says:

    wicked sick. i totally would have stomped that first hit though c’mon brah

  3. jupski says:

    Shiftys are where its at.

  4. Cbrody says:

    sick!! “must eat powder!!” send more powder!! post more sick vids!!

  5. Nick says:

    Best. Post. Ever. Andrew, you are alright.

  6. Colin Farrell says:

    Bravo! Green (white, actually) with envy.

  7. junkman says:

    can u tell us where some of the exact terrain is in the first video? Looks like off Glory Bowl and the Pass as well as various parts of the mountain.

    • Andrew Whiteford says:

      Entirely between Highway 22 and GTNP Park boundaries, but yes, more specifically, mostly “various parts of the mountain”.

  8. Stoked says:

    I wish my best friend had a house in jackson…..

  9. chris says:

    nice. try to use a stick though:

  10. HatinHayter says:

    Dude, please dont mention stowe in your posts. Come on man.

  11. Hello says:

    amping video! thanks for sharing.

  12. Cj Lee says:

    My buddys and I need a guide when we get to Jackson in Feb… will pay in massive amounts of beer!

  13. Garry S. says:

    Judging from those vids you enjoy the Hollywood line underneath Chunder as much as I used to…one of the best lift line runs at any ski area out there. Always a fun way down. Sweet post.

    • Andrew Whiteford says:

      My first year here was 06/07: 300 inch year, w/o the tram. Had the enthusiasm to ski moguls and the skiboard xtreme comp zone at the bottom of Thunder lift line over and over again…and now it’s engrained in me! Hard pressed to beat the playfullness of lower Sublette…

  14. Jimmy says:

    Full Tilt Drop Kick’s?

    • Andrew Whiteford says:

      2010 Seths. Swapped in some orange “9″ tongues instead of the black “10″ ones that came with them. Love them booties…

  15. Dead written articles , thanks for information .


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