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Many people in the Western USA have likely forgotten how to put on tire chains and/or what tire chains look like in general.  This video is dedicated to all of you.

Bear Mountain made this video to assist it’s patrons.  Thanks Bear Mountain.

“Big Bear Mountain Resorts wants all our guests to have a safe drive up the mountain when visiting. This video shows you some helpful hints for installing tire chains. This way you get on the snow safer and faster.
(Always follow the chain or cable installation instruction manual that came with your specific tire chains).

Help others be safe and be sure to share this video.” – Bear Mountain

 How many sexual innuendoes did you hear in this video?  We’ve counted 8.

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  1. Melis says:

    I heard 11. and everyone was pretty poorly placed. except the wet and dirty one.

  2. Conwell says:

    nope I got 8, how did you get 11 Mells?

  3. skieo says:

    I’d pay more attention if she was naked!

  4. AKMTMN says:

    I paid attention but I didn’t learn anything about those things that you put on your tires.

  5. eh... says:

    nothing special at all

  6. damn girl says:

    Step away from the needle!

  7. highwayman says:

    sorry to say, those Z cables are being installed UPSIDE DOWN :(


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