The past several years we have traveled across the continent to some of the biggest junior freeride competitions. Both the IFSA and JFT provide the opportunity for young and upcoming skiers in the US and Canada to showcase their talent.

The talent at the junior IFSA events and JFT events rivals the talent of the FWT 4 star events. Over the next several days we will include some season edits from some of these talented athletes and it’s the summer, so enjoy the skiing!

Martin is one of the top 15-18 year old competitors and still has another year to compete as a junior. Look for him on a FWT tour podium in the next few years.

Martin had this to say about his season:

This past season was my best I’ve had yet. I was fortunate enough to travel to some really cool places and ski some wild terrain. Not only did I have a breakthrough in my results and skiing, but I also had an incredibly fun time. I cannot thank my parents, coaches and sponsors enough for giving me this wonderful opportunity. I am so excited for next season and the good times that will come with it. Cheers!

Beartooth Pass IFSA Regional- 1st

Snowbird IFSA National – 2nd

Snowbird IFSA Regional – 2nd

Taos IFSA Regional – 2nd

Taos IFSA National – 4th

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