source: SIA RetailTRAK™ produced by The Leisure Trends Group, Aug - Jan Specialty Shop Sales, Carryover Not Included

There are gonna be some big sales this spring.  Get ready.  Sales were way down this year and inventories are way up.  This means that ski/board shops have tons of gear and no way to sell it.  Thus, shops are gonna be trying to get rid of gear anyway they can.  They’ll be selling it for cheap and you’ll likely even be able to barter a bit.

Information Source from this article:  

SIA RetailTRAK™ produced by The Leisure Trends Group, Aug – Feb Specialty Shop Inventories

Snow Sports Retail Sales:

- Down 12% in units sold

- Down 4% in dollars sold

- Total sales thru February = $3.2 Billion

YTD = year to date. graph: SIA

Sales by Category:

  • Equipment Sales - down 8% in units and 3% in dollars sold
  • Apparel - down 2% in units and flat in dollars sold
  • Accessories - down 15% in units and 8% in dollars sold
  • Services/Repair - up 1% in units, up 3% in dollars sold
  • Rental - down 16% in units rented, down 5% in dollars sold

Total sales through all snow sports retail channels Aug – Feb = $3,180,513,167; down 12% in units, down 4% in dollars sold.


- 42% increase in alpine equipment inventory

- 35% increase in snowboard apparel

- 33% increase in alpine apparel

- 70% increase in cross-country ski equipment

Other Interesting Numbers:

- Reverse/mixed camber skis sales increased 83% so far this season and now account for 25% of all alpine skis sold

- Unit sales of rocker boards are up 9% in units and 7% in dollars sold. In fact, 73% of all snowboards sold through February have reverse camber

- Rental revenues at retail are down almost $3M compared to last season and 29% fewer units had been rented through Feb this season

- Alpine top sales are healthy this season, particularly women’s insulated parkas up 11% in units and 10% in dollars sold to $186M, and men’s soft-shell tops are up 13% in units sold and 18% in dollars sold to $67M


The snow sports industry is hurting due to the poor conditions in most of the USA.  Inventories in ski shops are overstocked.  Ski/board shops are going to be selling gear for very cheap prices this spring.  Figure out what you want, and start hustling.

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  1. Tina says:

    I’m ready to buy. This is a bummer for the shops, but we may as well milk the bright side.

  2. Frank says:

    Funny that the only thing up is service and repair because every body’s gear is getting thrashed on the rocks.

  3. Seth says:

    look at the numbers a little closer. yes, obviously sales were down this year because the snow didn’t really pick up until well after the new year. however being down ONLY 12% in units this year is something of a miracle, and being down only 4% in dollars (dramatic difference than the units) means that more high-end gear sold than low end stuff (selling fewer units, but higher $’s). the reason is the “casual” or “recreational” skier that buys low-end gear or rents (look at the rental numbers – down $3M and 29% in units according to one part of the article and down 16% according to another part) those skiers never showed up this year due to inconsistent snow.

    so, in summary, yes the snow equipment sales took a hit this year, but things aren’t quite as dire as some would lead you to think. the world is NOT ending, the sun WILL come up tomorrow, and YES you should still shop LOCAL…


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