Huckleberry Hot Springs are a great day adventure for when you need a break from riding.  They are about an hour to hour an a half drive North of Jackson.  The whole drive is very beautiful having the Teton range just to the West and at parts driving right on the shore of Jackson Lake.   Taking a left at Moran Junction and working your way through Grand Teton National Park, you will find Flagg Ranch on the left.  This is the best spot to park, next to all the snowmobile trailers.  

Now for the tough part.  From the parking lot, walk to the South West corner and start walking South on the road.  On the right of that road, you will then find a path that will take about 20-30 minutes to find yourself some natural therapeutic  pools.  It is a flat walk and normally has steady flow of traffic to keep the snow path hard.  But if you are going right after a snow, it is smart to bring snowshoes or cross country  skis.

There are a few pools from which to choose that slightly very in temperature.  The one closest to the stream is the coolest and has a little waterfall cascading over the rocks and moss.   Also, be on the lookout, there is a very good chance you will see a Bison.  Place is crawling with them.

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