Well, well, well, look at what is in our inbox this morning,

“Hello thanks for the article about me..since you are writing about me can you post my fanpage please? http://www.facebook.com/pages/Mancino-Roberta/161903407172302
thanks again,

Yeah, Thats how WE roll. 

Roberta skydives

Roberta Mancino is a professional BASE jumper and a model, of course.  She’s beyond drop dead gorgeous and she’s hard core with over 6,500 skydives in the past 11 years.  She’s big into wingsuit flying as well, of course.

You won’t believe what else she’s into.  Who in their right mind would kick her?

She is kinda the Bo Jackson of extreme sports…

Roberta models


- 11+ years of scuba diving experience with a new focus on diving with the world’s most dangerous sharks

- 8+ years experience of full contact kickboxing

- 2+ years experience BASE jumping and wingsuit flying

- 11+ years of skydiving experience with over 6,500 skydives

- 12+ years as a model

- Personal interests = base jumping, scubadiving with sharks, skydiving, kick boxing and boxing, trapeze, dancing salsa, & cooking

Roberta kickboxes


Roberta skydives naked...pretty G.N.A.R.

She likes bikes

She can do the splits

She gets fired up

She hangs out with Conan

Aviation glasses look ok on her


She swims with dolphins

She’s been to the Galapogos...



She scuba dives with sharks


did we mention she models


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  1. Tina says:

    Wow, she is hot. Maybe I shoulda done something more than be average looking and an accountant. oh well.

  2. Kerry Lofy says:

    She must work out

  3. Doo Doo Butter says:


  4. Kp says:

    I’d hit that hard.

    But skydiving+mma+scuba diving+sharks+probably collects snakes/lizards+street bikes=really fucking annoying people.

    Give me Mancuso.

  5. SquawRules says:

    I can’t believe she’s a pro, my wife is way better than her.

  6. Jp says:

    But can she ski?

  7. johnny rill says:

    I’d smash ‘er back doors in…

  8. splash log says:

    naked skydiving eh… wonder if she or anyone’s ever taken it further and had straight up freefall sex. why not.

  9. pffff says:

    but does her vag get razzeled?

  10. Matias says:

    ….this vid has been one those ‘i don’t want this to be end’ vids…oh and Roberta is in it ..! http://vimeo.com/29629657

  11. JK says:

    So this is what Miles does at the office all day…

  12. Reno Local says:

    Way to Go Unofficial. You guys are Rock Stars!

  13. Anonymous says:

    I wonder if her labia slap in the wind…

  14. pompon says:

    marry me !!! :)

  15. Skiinpow420 says:

    But,… does she ski Squaw!?

  16. Powder Pig says:

    She’s not yours, soooo whats the point..

    Get a woman you can live with…..

  17. rubyrampaige says:

    it’s the female JT!


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