Dreamers on the Rise, the classic song from the 1980′ ski film Hot Dog… The Movie, is now a web clip that can be watched on movieclips.com. If you have not heard Harken Banks singing Dreamers on the Rise I am here to tell you that his sister thinks is as good as John Denver. So sit back, relax and enjoy the sultry sounds of Harken Banks.

You can watch the entire film here on Unofficial Networks @ unofficialnetworks.com/hotdog

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  1. Fart boy 82' says:

    DAMN!!! Sunny was one pice of Ass.

  2. Rick Kane says:

    Don’t bother watching. It stops before the only part worth watching.

  3. notits? says:

    What’s with the lack of tits? why post a segment of the movie if it doesn’t have tits or skiing in it? You unoficail guys really screwed the pooch on this one…

  4. Harkin Banks says:

    I’m such a player.


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