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Highlights from the Freeride World Tour 13 Chamonix-Mont-Blanc stop. 

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  1. English Teacher says:

    I’m really gunning to enjoy these highlight reels, but they’re just a huge splice of two hundred 1-second-long cuts: what the hell use is that for getting any sense of what happened? Go ahead and watch the highlight reel from Revy and this one, and I promise you’ll barely be able to tell the difference between them unless you’ve just had five cups of coffee. Shitty, shitty editing.

  2. Another English Teacher says:

    I agree ^^^. This is hard to watch. FWT is killing it with their live streams and cinematography. Why the rookie editing?

  3. Anonymous says:

    the highlight reels are supposed to show the coolest shredding moments from the comps, not give you a play by play. if you want to know “what happened” at the comp, then maybe you english teachers should read about it or tune in to the killer live stream. what happened was a bunch of awesome skiing and boarding, right? if you don’t like these edits, don’t watch them. make your own.

    • Stephen Speilburg says:

      face it, that edit sucked. needed to be twice as long and let the clips play out a little. a few names maybe. weak. the edit, not the sking and riding, that was sick

  4. french fry says:

    This edit is so choppy from shot to shot. weak shit son!


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