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These people seem to have no idea that Grizzly Bears are really big, strong, fast, and can eat the sh*t out of them all. This bear suddenly turns while hanging out in the river and charges towards the group of green-poncho-clad tourists who don’t so much as budge. Perhaps they were instructed to stay still in case of such behavior on the part of the bear, and if so, then props to the group, and a pat on the back to the photographer for standing his/her ground and only momentarily ducking behind another tourist. In any case, if I were in that group, instinct would say f*ck the bear mace and run!

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  1. Edward Saucefingers says:

    Maybe they know something we don’t

  2. Steve says:

    i was in Whistler last season staying in staff housing. there were posters everywhere saying DONT RUN when you see a bear it will outrun you easily. fair play to these cameramen they obviously knew what they were doing (hopefully) bears are fucking scary!

  3. skypny says:

    Certain types of bears will rush and stop short, like in this video, if they don’t like whoever has roamed into their territory. They may do it many times without actually attacking, or they may take a swipe. Also, some say that running triggers predatory instincts in some bears and that if you run they’ll be more likely to run you down, rather than if you stand your ground then slowly retreat.

  4. AKMTMN says:

    I was in Scheels the other day buying a 44. Mag for this very situation.

    • True Stoke says:

      You’re in the bears turf, the bear is making you aware of this, and you would shoot him dead ? Bear mace is very effective and non-lethal alternative, it would teach the bear to avoid humans in future.

      • Anonymous says:

        I would love to see you try and get a charging (likely territorial) grizz to back off with bear scare. You sir are an idiot and have never been in a situation involving a one tonne territorial beast. These large animals will run through a. 12 gauge slug and keep on trucking.
        Although I agree, we’re in there their domain. However, bear “mace” (or as people who carry it refer to as – scare) is not what you were told it may be when you were buying your new merino woollies from REI or MEC. I ALWAYS carry a .45 or 12 gauge when I am working in grizz country (read:grizz not black). Not to hunt, but In the rare instance where I need to choose whether I want to make it home and see my family.

        • Geologist says:

          Bear spray is extremely effective, for one very good reason: most charges are mock charges (as seen in the video). Mace a bear, and it thinks twice about engaging. Shoot a bear, all of a sudden it’s a fight to the death. You better be damn sure that bear is dropping before it gets to you, if you decide to pull the trigger…

          I never carry a gun when working in bear country, but it is critical to have one in camp, where encounters are far more likely to be of a predatory nature. 12 gauge, all slugs. If you need buck to hit it, you’re too far away to need to be shooting.

        • ronron says:

          Lube that .45 up real good cause the bear is gonna take that and shove it up your a$$ sideways. That is unless you have a .45-70. In which case, carry on.

      • AKMTMN says:

        I like bears, It’s part of what makes going into the wilderness so cool. It’s completely wild. I love that you’re completely on your own. I carry bear spray too and wouldn’t kill one unless I thought my life was in danger. However I would have no problem shooting a charging bear. I’m not about to get mauled without any objection.

    • Birddawg says:

      Hopefully it’s so he can turn the gun on himself.

    • animal magic says:

      not good enough, if he is really hungry or pisted off, you will shoot 6 bullet in him and he will still come at you hard. I know a guy that fire 6 shot of shotgun at a bear and it was still on his feet coming at him.

  5. RodeHaus says:

    I pee’d a little….

  6. Will Chase says:

    Serious balls.

  7. Matt Bedford says:

    that’s just plum cool.

  8. animal magic says:

    stay calm… that’s it…

  9. LakeTahoeGuy says:

    Never venture into GRIZZLY territory alone.
    I don’t have to outrun the Bear, I just have to be able to outrun my travel companion.
    ; )

  10. Fact says:

    Bears are not hard to fight. I have personally been in a brawl with one and they are wimps. They will back down as soon as you punch it in the face. Like a shark.

  11. AKBrown says:

    Yeah, try to outrun a bear. Great idea. Pretty sure these people did exactly the right thing.

  12. Jake Cohn says:

    “Had a pocket full of horses, Fucked the shit out of Bears …” (1:32)

  13. Adam Macer says:

    LMAO off at the anonymous gun-toting self-proclaimed ‘bear expert’ and ‘Fact’.. I carry bear spray and I call it ‘bear spray’ not ‘scare’.. You sir are a pompous twat.. I know a story of a grizzly that was attacking someone who then punched it in the face whereupon it bit half his thigh off.. had he ‘simply’ played dead he would probably have been ok.. Bears aren’t ‘wimps’ – Black bears should be fought against but Grizzlies not.. Blacks and Grizzlies require very different approaches and no one response is the right one for every situation.. Anyway, this bear isn’t charging anyone. It’s been spooked by something somewhere else – note how it isn’t focussed on the people at all but on the bushes and what’s behind it – the thing that scared it in the first place. Bears with a plentiful supply of super-food they love – salmon – have no interest in people, they just wanna eat salmon.. Calm, non-threatening people, sitting & watching them, don’t bother or interest them.

  14. ruh roh. hope you idiots got a gun

  15. Gorby says:

    Dude. The face punch was a joke I think …

  16. Charlie Cohn says:

    Ani Haas punched a bear in the face.


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