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A Musical Ski Film From Greg Stump

Starring: Scot Smidt, Glen Plake, Mike Hattrup, Kevin Andrews, Kim Rechelm, Darren Johnson, Geoff Stump, Tom Jungst

Acid House Audio By: Nasty Rox, Kissing The Pink, 808 State, and Hoodlum Priset

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  1. MBLindy says:

    The GOOD OLD Dayz wit the Long Skinnyz

  2. LEONEL MANATA says:

    Best skiers ever!Super Cool Soundtrack the entire movie…

  3. Minnesota mike says:

    Hey Plake I can’t believe you’re STILL a pro…I’m waaayyyy better than you!

  4. poach ninja says:

    Pay homage bro brahs!

  5. SKI OR FORGET IT says:

    Another classic ski film right here.

    Now, let’s talk about the music. So nasty! How you can not bop your head while watching this film?

    Wish I could get this soundtrack and the “…ahhhhhhs” soundtrack on cd.

    • DJ says: has a lot of the tune links. Not all of them though. I was lucky to get the cassette tape of the License to Thrill soundtrack at a K2 Demo back in the 80′s

  6. james "the beast" says:

    and in other news the x games….

  7. The OC says:

    Original Cougar= Kim Reichhelm

  8. Tahojo says:

    Hell yeah! I moved to Squaw the next winter, intending to stay for 3 months. Stayed 16 years. Thinking of moving back, always.

  9. Not Me, haha says:

    Whaaaat? no helmets and 85-88cm under foot, you gotta be kidding me, who skis burly squaw lines like that?

    Now sex is ‘safe’ and skiing is dangerous and nobody ever said, “I’m way better than you”. What happened?? Get a belt and pull up yer freaking pants,,,,tight onesies rule,,, haha.

    Fat skis are like fat girls, fun to ride but you don’t want your friends to see you, haha.

    • Castlerock says:

      88? not even 68 under foot…

    • Fat Boy says:

      It’s more like you don’t want your friends to see you on skinny skis. Because they won’t wait for your slow ass at the bottom. Sex has never been safe, skiing has always been dangerous, and people have said “I’m way better than you” since the beginning of time. BTW, we all skied burly lines like that at Squaw back in the day on skinny skis.

  10. carl says:

    i wish i could be that rad

  11. Ski Bum says:

    Plake still one of the best today! A true soul skier. Awesome vid and music.

  12. Jason says:

    Rear Entry Boots.

  13. Agent P says:

    Rear entry gir…s……………….. never mind


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