This sweet little edit from Hayden is sure to make you smile and think about pow.  Hayden has been shredding the LCC since birth and has been representing for Surface and Causwell from their inception I believe  He know how to have a good time on the hill and has a style and smile that are hard to forget. I think this edit picks up steam in the second half, so if you are pressed for time skip to about 2:15 and enjoy from there. 

Here are some shots I put together from the year 2012. I was able to travel the PNW, parts of Canada, my own backyard of the Wasatch and Smith Optics private BC zone called Prospecting Idaho. It was a fun season despite less than normal snow conditions, we certainly made the best of what we had. Thanks for watching I hope you enjoy!


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  1. funky monkey says:

    What do you mean skip to 2:15? The whole edit was sweet

  2. Anonymous says:

    holy effin butters

  3. dude did you see that 360 says:

    dude that 360….that 360 was sweett

  4. deane says:

    hayden way to get after it! hopefully see in tahoe sometime soon!


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