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Go to the 2:57 mark for this waterfall-BASE jumper interaction.

This is kinda hard to believe.  If it wasn’t on video, I wouldn’t believe it.

Jeb hucks off a 300 foot cliff, throws his BASE parachute, flies straight into a violent, raging waterfall, gets completely engulfed by it, and falls 70 feet to his eminent and obvious death.  You watch in disbelief as he disappears, then his parachute disappears, then it all disappears.  Somehow, the guy ends up on the other side of the pool with his parachute.  He was totally fine.  Well, maybe not totally fine.  The next scene is Jeb in a hospital bed.  We’re starting to think he spends a lot of time in hospitals…

Can you image the brick that you’d have sh#t when that waterfall hit you?  That Jeb kept it together, survived that huge fall and potential drowning is pretty freakin’ tough-guy.

“This was my demo from 2003 :) I went around the world 6 times, traveled for 8 months strait. Went to 16 different countries on 4 continents :) This was a very busy year :)” – Jeb Corliss

Jeb has been doing this stuff for a lot longer than we thought.  We kinda hope he gets back into doing the acrobatic flipping stuff.  We love the 6 flips and two spins he throws in Venezuela…


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  1. Tina says:

    This dude is made of Titanium.

  2. Jason says:

    This dude will be dead soon.

    • k says:

      For sure. The vid where his friend got dismembered hitting the Royal Gorge bridge in Colorado is gruesome..the sound is anyway.

  3. lay off the herb says:

    its 2:57 not 3:57

  4. J-TRO says:

    2:57 mark

  5. RepostNation says:

    man its gonna be a long summer in this country

    • WhinyBitchNation says:

      even longer in troll country, where minutes spent hating on blogs is inversely equal to IQ. ball size. cock length.

      I bet you’re the best skier on this site though. Can almost guarantee it.

  6. Sean S. says:


    Best answer ever!!

    “Where’d you come from??”

    “The Sky”

  7. hate holland says:

    Outdoor Life network did a show on him called “Fearless” and it was insane. At the end of this video (2 of 5) he tells the story of that waterfall accident at Howie falls and how he was getting eaten alive by crabs waiting for help. Watch em all, dudes not right. And Nate Holland sucks, enjoy!

  8. Word spelling says:

    He should continue jumping off things, he spelled straight wrong


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