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GoPro‘s new apple iphone app is pretty slick. 

Connect. View. Control.

The GoPro App you lets you control your GoPro camera remotely using a smartphone or tablet. Features include full control of all camera settings, live video preview to your smartphone or tablet for easy shot framing and more. The GoPro App also gives you access to our Photo and Video of the Day posts keeping you in touch with the latest radness from GoPro. The GoPro App is available on the Apple App Store™ and coming soon to Google Play. The GoPro App is not compatible with the Original HD HERO camera.

GoPro App Features

  • Full control of your HD HERO2 camera’s settings + features
  • Live preview makes framing your shot easy
  • Access to GoPro’s Photo and Video of the Day

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  1. BasJ says:

    Guess it’s time for me to make the switch from Contour to GoPro

  2. eric says:

    Contour’s had this ability on their GPS model for about 2 years now…

  3. sacklunch says:

    awesome, an app no one cared about for 2 years helping make vids no one will care about for a lifetime.

    • sades says:

      :(((((( don’t watch them then?

      there are lots of good ones and lots of bad ones, just like with any other camera. you guys that hate on gopros must be the most jaded keyboard warriors in all of skiing, sheesh

  4. brian says:

    anyone know how the battery holds up while using wifi? or more specifically, how it holds up with real time streaming?

  5. asfd;lkdjfsghas says:

    Its not about the camera, its about what you film with it. i feel like most people dont understand that because of the way these kinds of things are marketed, but getting a contour or a gopro wont make you a better skier. (they are deffinatly nice to have, though)

  6. Ryan says:

    This is great, but HOW do I connect to multiple cameras? I have a few Hero2′s and I can only operate one at a time. Pretty frustrating.


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