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The American Eagle Project: Nike ZF-1 Gold Plated Baller Boots

The newest thing in snowboarding, gold plated snowboard boots, has set the “gold” standard for what’s what and who’s who in the snowboard world, or should we say the snowboard galaxy. Nike’s new custom gold plated ZF-1′s named the “American Eagle” project are quite the piece, any boarder with these boots is expected to bring the biggest of airs and the hottest of ladies.

Jewellery designer Osamu Koyama of Complete Technique shaped and formed each gold plate around Nike‘s popular Zoom Force 1 white snowboard boots. An excessive amount of yellow gold plating most likely caused for an even more excessive price for whom ever the boots were designed and made for. Complete with an opulent opal pendant and gold wings, it is clear that whoever these boots were created for had a little more than snowboarding in mind. My guess is that these boots were only made for some sort of superhero or quite possibly a snowboard god.

Snowboard gods updated their boots? (

Snowboard gods updated their boots? (

Perhaps their some sort of moon boot? Who knows, but one thing is for sure, these boots have it, and clearly no one and nothing else does.

Front view of the mother ship "American Eagle" (

But for real, why were these boots produced? Can’t Nike just make a decent functioning boot for once? 

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  1. Joe Skier says:

    Those boots are ridiculous.

  2. Matias says:

    Gold or what…..that’s horrible.

  3. ratherride says:

    hey Eric, Ive got a pair of Kaijus, and lemme tell you, they are the BEST boots Ive ever worn. Ive heard the Forces are a decent boot too. I know there are a bunch of haters who dont want to see Nike make it into the industry, but they have a great product!

    • Eric Behn says:

      I’m sure they do make some good boots, and to honest I have no experience with them, just hear say. I’m a die hard Vans rider. I respect your opinion and am sure they are great boots.

  4. boy see says:

    Has to be a joke. I second on the Kaijus. Lightest, most comfortable boot ever.

  5. JDAWG says:

    What a piece of shit. thats it, thats all

  6. point em says:

    designer bullshit

  7. milehigh says:

    I’ve been riding for close to 20yrs and have contemplated quitting due to my feet hurting / getting sore. The nike zoom changed all that this year. The boot is a life saver. Thank god I don’t have to go to skis .


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