G.N.A.R. will be uploaded and ready for viewing on Unofficial Networks starting January 14th, 2011. DVD, iTunes and Movie Posters for G.N.A.R. will also be available for purchase at that time. We will keep you updated with all GNAR news, info and events.

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  1. Steven says:


  2. John says:

    Will there be another Tahoe public showing of the film?

  3. Bryan says:

    Is there any way I can purchase a DVD copy of the movie… it looks great.

  4. Bryan says:

    shoot, sorry about that last comment… I just read all that info under the video, can’t wait to get my copy!

  5. Mark says:

    No upload of the video? What gives fellas?

  6. Andy says:

    Dudes… I need G.N.A.R. to help me through a long flight in a couple hours… Any chance you can save me??

  7. MAtt says:

    I’m ready for it Tim

    So is my knitting wife

  8. MAtt says:

    knitting wife went to sleep….

    Still waiting on the G.N.A.R.

  9. Trevor says:

    We need to get GNAR on bittorrent ASAP!

  10. Kendall says:

    Just curious is today when the movie can be downloaded in Itunes? I can’t find it but maybe I misunderstood the timing for Itunes…
    Thanks can’t wait to see it!

  11. Josh says:

    Just watched it. LOVED IT. When’s it for sale?

  12. Marek says:

    Tim- Looking forward to buying DVD and poster. Pls let us know when/where. Great Unofficial hat/clothing schwag in and around Chammy this season. Would not turn down if made available!

    • Tim Konrad says:


      Thanks for the inquiry. Got some good news for you. We are about to move into our new HQ located at 1590 Squaw Valley Road. Its the A-frame next to the post office. As of now we are set to move in on or before Feb 1. Once we have the new HQ setup we will have G.N.A.R. DVDs, T-shirts and Posters, as well as Unofficial T-Shirts, Hats, Outerware, etc…


  13. Jim says:

    Where’s the link to buy this??

  14. george says:

    where can i buy this video?
    there´s still nothing on itunes!
    i wanna have my own copy of the movie!
    and im living in austria, so its not possible for me to go to the shop right next to the post office ;)

  15. irishskiboy of montana says:

    this movie is a huge buzz in Big Sky! i would love to have it and the word will be spread like wildfire.

  16. Tim says:

    where can u buy the poster?

  17. Tim Konrad says:

    DVD’s will be ready soon. sorry for the long wait. Will keep you all posted

  18. Jared Smalls says:

    Greatest film ever made. Thank you for changing my life.

  19. Jackson Telluride Ski Dude says:

    SWEET! I want to ski in Japan when mom will take me there :-) I want to ski EVERYWHERE….. it was cool to see what it’s like in Japan.

  20. DWicker says:

    Really would like to buy this movie, as would my entire crew. Hands down the best representation of the life we once lived together – and the life we would give most anything to have / live. Thank you!

  21. sid says:

    how many points do u get for losing ur skis on the road then jump over a some little 10 year old kid on rentals that u dont know

  22. Christian says:

    whats the name of that song?

  23. Dane says:

    check out this BN pond skim…..

  24. billygoat says:

    Where can I buy the full movie?

  25. Jess says:

    Hi All,

    Is there anywhere where I can purchase G.N.A.R on DVD?

  26. Luke Z says:

    Link does not work – private video??


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