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Avalanche survivor talks about missing comrads

Glen Plake gives an emotional interview on Anderson Cooper 360 about the tragic Avalanche Disaster in Nepal.

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  1. Ben says:

    Woah. Glen’s pretty in touch with the situation and quite grounded considering the gravity of it all. Perhaps it hasn’t truly reared its ugly head yet considering two of his companions are yet to be found – no closure yet, bit of a limbo. Tough guy and my thoughts go out to him and all those still stuck up there somewhere…

  2. Walking back down instead of riding in the heli was a good move. RIP……

  3. Guy says:

    He’s true gentleman, a true man of the mountains. Thoughts goes to the whole crew and their families.

  4. Biggus D says:

    Rode up KT with Glen an a spring day maybe 6 or 8 years ago, then followed him to Chute 75 or thereabouts where he proceeded to jump turn down some HUGE bumps with the utmost ease… made no less impressive by the fact he was skiing on giant straight sided planks (im pretty sure they were vintage from Blizzard of Ahhs era). As I recall there was no shortage of friendly gaper heckling on the way up. That short encounter left an impression of a very good natured dude, friendly and nice, and he instantly became a hero of mine.

  5. Markdindeed says:

    That was hard to watch. +++++vibes to those involved. RIP

  6. Dogger says:

    This interview is insane as Plake’s description of the events and his thought process clearly demonstrate the skills of a very very experienced mountaineer. Very genuine answers to some very tough questions…hope he is back soon.


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