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The early season shredding at Snowbird has been improving in the last few days. With about a foot of new fluff out there this weekend things are softened up a bit on the upper mountain and the rocks are just a little more covered than they were last week. Gavin Smith and his homies Nick Greener and Eric Fabbri have been charging hard all year regardless of snow conditions. You can see lines like Macaroni Chute, Elevator, Rock Chute and South Chute go down in this edit with some low tide conditions.

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  1. Miles Clark says:

    This is what a real gnar video looks like.
    I’m still radderthanyou

  2. Guy says:

    Still looking boney as all hell! We need baker to share some of the snowpack love.

  3. aprice says:

    that was stupid

  4. Bird Loc says:

    When can we stop making edits from bad helmet cam footage? I’d rather watch kids in cotton t-shirts do switch ups at Brighton.

  5. EEY says:

    gayest neck gaiter ever


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