Riding down steep streets on traditional longboards was the closest you could get to feeling the freedom of snowboarding down a snow covered mountain. That all changed when Freebord hit the market back in 1997. Since then, Freebord has continued to innovate on their unique design that allows riders to bring the control and maneuverability of a snowboard to the pavement. A complete Freebord will set you back anywhere from $219-269; a fraction of the cost for a snowboard setup.

Here is their story: We started out wanting to snowboard all year, wherever and whenever we wanted. And so, we designed a board that gave riders the control of a snowboard on pavement. As Freebord has evolved, so has our goal: bring as much control as possible to riding on pavement. Our riders can carve, slide, slow down and stop whenever they want. They can go as fast or as slow as they want. They can bomb the steepest of streets or ride mellow cruisers; hit big open roads or the narrowest of sidewalks. On a Freebord, riders have the control they need to ride what they want and how they want.

How does Freebord work?

  1. Freebord’s simulation of snowboarding is the result of years of mechanical development and prototypes. The two center wheels function as the base of a snowboard and allow motion in all directions. The outer four wheels function as a snowboard’s edges and sit slightly off the ground. The result is that you can selectively apply your weight to your edges or your base, determining whether to carve or slide or any combination of those two motions.


More videos and info at freebord.com

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  1. Justin Sask says:

    Freebord is killing it..my boys in SF ride these and they are so Gnarly!

  2. Kristian Walters says:

    Mad Props!

  3. Phil says:

    Dude! I need one of these!! shit looks dope.

    Order sent!

  4. Ryan Simpson says:

    Yo i Love my Freebord…wish i had skill like that tho!

  5. Dane Romero says:

    I love the free board ive been riding my for 7years now it deffently help with jonesing for snow during the summer

  6. Tahoe Longboarder says:

    Freebord is freakin’ lame inmho

  7. Sk8 or die says:

    Looks a lot like rollerbladeing, its a skateboard for kooks and skiers

  8. Some prick says:

    Holy Shit that’s lame…

    Bty the way these guys are bad ass…

  9. Skier M says:

    I tried one back in the late ’90s, after trying it I said “this is the new roller blading.” I can’t believe this company is still in business. I guess if you really want to snowboard year round and can’t afford to fly, want to buy a new set of rollerblades, don’t know how to ride a bike, live close to the ocean (S.F.) and don’t know what a surfboard is, then this is the board for you. Obviously you can’t skateboard! Does anyone remember the SNAKE BOARD from late 80s to early 90s? It was lame too. Grab a real skateboard or go play Cool Boarders. Just my opinion.

  10. unfoffkic says:

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    Spyder Gloves

  11. Rick Doawg says:

    Truth of the matter this shit is till hard and takes talent. These guys at Freebord are daily making new improvements to the board and shit is getting real. Try it before your diss it…might change your mind!

    Keep up the good work

  12. Alexandre says:

    makin it look easy. good stuff!


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