2013 Winter Weather Forecast by The Farmers Almanac

2012 – 2013 Winter Weather Forecast from the Farmers Almanac. 

Official 2013 Farmers Almanac Winter Outlook 

The Farmers Almanac is calling for:

  • Drier Than Normal and Chilly tempertures for the Pacific North West.
  • Milder Than Normal with Average Precipitation for the Rocky Mountains and the midwest.
  • Mild and Wet For Texas.
  • Wet and Chilly for the South West.
  • Colder than normal with a mix of snow, sleet and rain for the east coast.
  • Cold and snowy for the Northeast.
If you would like another winter weather prediction for the 2013 winter take a look at The Weather Centre’s Official 2012-2013 Winter Forecast.

Here is a 2012 – 2013 Winter Weather Forecast from The Weather Centre.

I believe the winter will end up mainly cooler than normal over the Northeast and Southeast, as a consistent storm track brings storms up the coast that may be able to bring down arctic Canadian air. There is wiggle room in the Great Lakes, which may be influenced by the El Nino and end up going either warmer or cooler than normal. The Northwest and Northern Plains will likely be warmer than normal as a ridge takes hold over the region. I do not doubt the potential for a few arctic blasts in the Plains, but overall a warm pattern appears to be evolving.

The snowfall forecast calls for a snowy time across the Great Lakes if Canadian arctic air is able to push down south and ignite the lake effect snowfall machines. The Northeast will be the hotspot this winter, as many Nor’easters push up the coast and create a chaotic scene in the worst storms. Due to the storm track entering the Southwest, skiing conditions should be better than normal in those areas, while the Northwest stays high and dry due to the lack of a storm track in the vicinity. - The Weather Centre

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  1. I like rocks says:

    I’ll believe this when my shit turns purple and smells like rainbow serbert.

  2. could be says:

    last year they were wrong

  3. i like snow says:

    i bet their right about iowa. P.S. i am only 10 years old

  4. Anonymous says:

    I think there right about TX P.S I’m an alien in human clothing

  5. nikki johnson says:

    I hate snow! But, I know its good for us.

  6. Xntric says:

    Hey, I Like Rocks, it is a good thing you like them because your head is obviously filled with them. And if you can’t spell something maybe you should just skip it. You have exceeded your own stupidity. Have you not heard, “Dumb as a pile of rocks.”? I think the person who coined that phrase must know you.

  7. shaun says:

    another mild winter o grate i want snow

  8. Lisa says:

    Weird how many comments have nothing to do with weather. Regarding grammar and spelling, perhaps auto-correct is the culprit. I choose not to believe that so many people don’t know whether to use “their, there, or they’re”….. So read this site for weather predictions…..or not. Some people who read this information are children, so be mindful of what you write. If you can’t control your mouth, I suppose that speaks to your general level of intelligence and class. Just sayin’…….

  9. mags55 says:

    I’m hoping for a good old fashion winter….

  10. shaun says:

    i want snow in nebraska not a mild winter again o nd go huskers booooo georgia

  11. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know I love the snow but here In upstate NY we only have a little down right now. and the temps are warming unless the jet stream goes south for cold air and the storm tracks adjust idk if would have to change soon I hope..

  12. meh says:

    The farmer’s almanac used to be the standard for weather predictions. They still often get it right but sometimes they’re way off. Could HAARP be changing the natural weather patterns to the point where predicting the weather is not as accurate as it used to be? Just wondering.


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