Heavenly ski resort in Lake Tahoe, CA

A 34-year-old English man died at Heavenly ski resort Tuesday.  El Dorado County Sheriff Department has reported that the victim hit a sign post and perished from the wounds received in the crash.

The accident happened at 3pm on tuesday.  The victim reportedly took a sharp turn to avoid colliding with another skiing and struck the sign post at high speed.

The victim died on the mountain before a helicopter could arrive to take him to the hospital.

Heavenly ski resort is also where famous entertainer and California congressmen Sunny Bono died after hitting a tree in 1998.

Unofficial sends out our deepest condolences.


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  1. Shell says:

    Sad. Seems like a lot more deaths and traumatic injuries these days in skiing, or is it just more reported?

    • Kyler says:

      Yet another tragic event at a resort. I feel that we are just hearing more due the lack of snow. Just less things to report.

  2. Paul says:

    Um, presumably you meant Sonny Bono.

  3. tahoe_nug says:


  4. dave says:

    helmets dont seem to be doing much.

  5. funk says:

    bono died while under the influence. He hit no tree, but alot of drugs hit him at elevation..

  6. matt says:

    If heavenly didnt have so many gapers from the bay all the time there wouldnt be so many accidents. I remember last season ski patrol carrying sled after sled down the mountain when it was busy.

    • ricky winterborn says:

      those gapers keep heavenly, and every other resort, in business. you want a gaper-free experience hit the backcountry bro!

  7. Joe says:

    He had a brain bucket on, Tryed a high speed avoidance and hit a sign post that most likely he had no time to even see! So lets get some sign posts redone with the anti corpse type before it’s your mom that hits one!


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