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On February 27th EA Games released the latest version of their ever popular snowboard game SSX, a snowboarding game for various game consoles. Basically SSX is EA Games’ attempt to make the most ridiculous, unrealistic rendition of a snowboarding game. Including wing suits, tricks where you take both feet out of your bindings, and way to many spins and flips to even be enjoyable.

This all got me thinking. Who plays this game? 

As a snowboarder of many years myself, with countless hours spent on improving and perfecting my snowboarding skills, I can’t find the enjoyment out of sitting on my ass and pressing buttons to accomplish tricks that have never even been landed by real life snowboarders before. In fact, the trademark no footer tricks that are notorious in SSX are almost non-existant in the snowboard world, I say almost because Nick Visconti did somehow manage to land a Christ Air last year.

Christ Air with Nick Visconti (

It makes me wonder what this game is trying to say about snowboarding and action sports all together. Are they too boring to make realistic? Do the top pros who us skiers and snowboardings think push the limit really do so? Maybe we are just all stuck in some sort of realm which we all think what we, and those beyond our ability, are doing is pushing the limits. I don’t really think so, but that is how this game makes me feel. You don’t see slam dunks from half court in NBA 2K12 or goalies scoring from their own end every time they get the puck in NHL 12. So why do we see craziness in action sports? Yet massive skateboard ramps, double backflips on ATV’s and 1800 spins are all the norm when it comes to action sports games?

Happens all the time. Right? (

I just want a game where I can sit down, and actually do some tricks that I have always wanted to do. A game that is in reach of real world abilities. How about making a cork 7 a difficult yet possible trick. I can only think of benefits of this: fulfilled desire of completing tricks you might be working on, motivation that it is possible, and the ability to picture how to do a trick without actually doing it.

Maybe I’m just over thinking it all. But it would be fun to play a game that has some realistic aspects to it.


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  1. Womp says:

    Couldn’t agree more. Have been saying it since the original EA Skate that a snowboard game should be based off of the same physics involved in it. Skate tricks off the megaramp felt like snowboard tricks

  2. Finn says:

    Not really a gamer myself, but interesting to think about. There was also NBA Jam and NFL Blitz back in the day, completely unrealistic but fun nonetheless; however, they were an arcade-borne alternative to your standard Madden and NBA Live, etc.

  3. austin says:

    Just becaue it’s fake doesn’t mean that skiing and snowboarding isn’t a sport or enjoyable.. People play HALO and Call of Duty and they are extremely unrealistic and do not portray the military whatsoever so how is this any different..

  4. Doo Doo Butter says:

    It’s fun. I used to play the original with my buddies. It was the only game we ever played b/c it’s quick. Just a short run then your buddy gets the next round.

  5. kendo says:

    that looks fucking stupid

  6. Milton says:

    Thats why skate is fun and other competeing unrealistic games are not

  7. Suck at skiing but good at MW3 says:

    This game looks like its dumb but once you get into it is pretty frirking sick.

  8. D-4 says:

    This game is awesome, justplayed the demo. I think there was an old snowboarding game called like amp or amped or somehting along those lines that was more realistic. Check that out sometime.

  9. Niko Woodwarski says:

    Hells yes I play this game. I’m a diehard skier with not a single day on a snowboard and I love this game to death. There’s just something about riding things that you could never survive in real life that makes this game a blast. I bought Shaun White’s snowboard game and it got boring real fast. That’s the beauty of video games: it makes the impossible possible. Do you think I wanna be in the middle of a neo-soviet invasion with an m16? Playing QB against a real NFL defensive line?


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