You think he’s lost a step…I think not.

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  1. Karma says:

    classic tyrollia just blowin off all the time

    • Boner says:

      I love it how they are still pieces of shit, despite the same problems for 10+ years.

      • Ski pro says:

        Simon was the man back in the day, but now he is a money grubbing pussy ass bitch. He lost his roots if he ever had any. Way over payed and still he has the audacity to ask for start up cash so he can get his failing glove company going. Sell one of your mansions if u want to build some capital or auction one of your sports cars.

        People like Simon should not be called skiers it gives us a bad name.

    • Daniel says:

      1st was a yank off, there is only one way to prevent that, and the second one you’re telling me you would have wanted it to stay on?

  2. MonicaLewinski says:

    I like that he wears his goggles correctly over his helmet. I saw a patroller wearing his goggles tucked under his helmet (jibber style) the other day, and confirmed the end is near. Simon’s hang time out of the pipe is unreal.

  3. Michi says:

    look at 2:15
    I think it doesn’t matter how to wear your google, when you don’t close your helmet…

  4. Meh says:

    Once a Gymnast, always a Gymnast. Yeah he is sick at pipe.

  5. FlowingAlpy says:

    Correct way to wear your goggles? Man, I didn’t know there was a correct way. We are talking about goggles, the one with lenses, right?

  6. Chris says:

    yeah he can ski pipe, but that’s so xgames 2005

  7. coyo says:

    ya’ll be bitching that he turned into a movie star of the ski world, dude still will out shred just about anyone, and fuck me running did you see the cube project, how dare anyone give that man a negitive comment

    haters be hating

  8. CmrnDrgn says:

    Tighten up that helmet Simon! Head injury is going to take longer to recover from than a knee injury…

  9. Meat Haus says:

    … he handles it. Heavy.


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