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BASE jumpers leap from Rialto

If you can’t pay your bar tab, why not jump! That what 4 BASE jumpers did a few days ago. Four men jumped from the 55 floor of the Rialto Towers in Melbourne after consuming pricey cocktails at the Vue de monde restaurant. According to 7news Australia, after a quick change in the bathroom, the daredevils climbed over a tall plastic barrier outside the restaurant before taking the leap. Of course there was a getaway car waiting for them on the road below.

“Basically, four guys came upstairs with parachutes hidden underneath their jackets,” said restaurant owner Shannon Bennett 

Police are using surveillance video of the jump to try to catch the drink-and-dashers.

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  1. Greg says:


  2. Reno local says:

    That is so cool. I would love to see that in person.

    Just image sitting at the bar chatting it up with a few guys. A minute later they come running out off the bathroom and jump off the roof.

  3. uh says:

    thats the coolest thing ever..besides peeing your pants, everybody pees their pants.

  4. Rail Tycoon says:

    I need to find me one of those Meeegan girls

  5. Jack says:

    how many gnar points?

  6. Dave says:

    Surprising that Kieren Walshe is not a fan of Base Jumping, or anything else that remotely resembles fun!!

  7. Veruca Salt says:

    Arrest those Hooligans. Fun must be stopped at all costs!

  8. pj says:

    That kierin looks like a real fun guy.Glad i never have to talk to him.

  9. Seriously! says:

    So if you base jump off a building and live it’s a stupid stunt. If you do it while skiing and die you are a hero!


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