It’s been a slow week for snow in the Rockies and a slow couple of weeks for Colorado.  A cold front moved through yesterday bringing a few inches to Utah but it fizzled as it moved through Colorado.  Up in Wyoming Jackson picked up a whopping 1 whole inch the past 5 days.  The only area that did ok was in Montana where Big Sky picked up 14 inches.

There will be some light snow moving through tonight into Thursday from the system that just brought snow to the West Coast.  The snow will stay to the North again with an inch or two possible for Snowbird, and the very Northern part of Colorado could see a dusting.  Sun Valley in Idaho will do the best where 5-9 inches are possible, and a few inches are possible at Jackson. 

Here is the snowfall forecast through Thursday.

Warmer air will push in for all regions Thursday and Friday with snow levels up as high as 8000 ft. by Friday.   The good news is that there won’t be a lot of precip around until the cold front moves through Saturday night into Sunday.  There could be some light rain and snow at Jackson Friday and Saturday before the heavier snow Saturday night and Sunday.  The snow will finally make it down into Utah and Colorado with this system, but not a lot.

Here is the snowfall forecast updated through Sunday.   It looks like 3-6 inches at the very most for Utah into Colorado.  6-10 inches for Jackson and up to 18 inches in Idaho.

It looks like another break the first half of next week and then we could see a low slowly spin up moisture over the Rockies next weekend.  That could bring a chance for more snow from Montana down to Utah and Colorado.  BA

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  1. Nice says:

    I seriously love these kind of posts. Thanks for putting them up.

  2. Will says:

    I like them too since it’s so much easier than finding all the info on my own from like 5 different websites… the 14 inches at big sky was fun but i really hope it wasn’t the last pow day of the season… c’mon mother nature one more please


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