What NOT To Do On Your Dirt Bike | Dirt bike head on collision

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  1. Ski2Fly says:

    If dude coming the other way didn’t wash out right in front of him it would have just been a near miss.

    • Anti-hindsight man says:

      I don’t know what’s worse, you’re English or you’re failure to understand a humans reaction speed. That happened pretty fucking fast, like the guy said it could of been worse, in my eyes that was a good scenario.

      • Wow says:

        I find it very funny YOU’RE making fun of someome for poor english when YOUR grammar is so atrocious…

      • Ski2Fly says:

        Asswipe-hindsight you are clueless. The guy coming the other way washes out right in to the path of the guy with the POV. I don’t know what’s worse, your inability to comprehend what you are watching, or your perception that a gaper washing out in front of you on a blind corner so you hit them head on is a good scenario.

    • Anonymous says:

      potentially, but then one of them wouldve hit the other riders.

      noones fault really just super unlucky

  2. superjock says:

    shoulda drank a redbull and backflipped him. XTREME

  3. h says:

    shoulda stayed on the right side of the trail. tool. i farted


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