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Didier Cuche finished his 17 year World Cup career by racing the final GS in Austria wearing vintage wool ski gear, wooden skis, poles and leather boots! It took him some time getting down the course, hugging fans and officials as he descended the course, finishing more than 2 minutes behind the race winner. It was obviously Cuche’s slowest World Cup time of his career…but he sure did it in style!

After crossing the finish line, he even performed his trademark ski flip with the old wooden skis! Really cool way to finish an amazing career.

Didier Cuche old skis

Didier Cuche Rocking Vintage Gear for Final Race - Photo: Reuters

Didier Trying to Turn Those Wooden Sticks - Photo: Reuters

Didier Trying to Turn Those Wooden Sticks - Photo: Reuters

Cuche Being Hoisted By His Austrian Teammates For A Final Time - Photo: Reuters

Cuche Being Hoisted By His Swiss Teammates For A Final Time - Photo: Reuters


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  1. Oldschool says:

    Dude is a Bad Ass!

  2. dogger says:

    Such a legend…awesome.

  3. Bri says:

    that was so rad\

  4. Dan McSwiggan says:

    Great way to end a career! Having fun!

  5. Marvdog says:

    He is Swiss not Austrian…

  6. yobrobra says:

    respect respect respect how cool. where can a mere mortal pick up such sweet digs?

  7. Socalist says:

    Er ist Der Mann!

    Thanks UN for sharing. Perhaps one of the most inspiring 5 mins I’ve spent on this site. Remember that video when he hucked his first 360 with Jon Olson? That was cool too.

    Shredding water injected world cup quality ice on that set up is no joke.

  8. Flounder says:

    Dude, I can’t believe he’s a pro! That’s how to win GNAR w/o dropping trou.

  9. Phineas says:

    wicked cool!

  10. jp says:

    he’s better than you!

  11. Bubbaski says:

    Didier Cuche is the all time Hahnenkamm Sieger now with 5 wins. My son met him at Beaver Creek Biirds of Prey race and he is the nicest guy, signed all the kids helmets. This was right after the Austrians blew all the kids off.
    Watching him race is a beautiful thing – so strong. Way to go out on the top podium step!

  12. Funky Hucker says:

    What a run. Do those skis even have metal edges? Loved the backpack and the hottie in the hot tub.
    That guy is da legend.


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