The always impressive Mount Rainier. Photo:

The Whole Foods sponsored, all-star team of Chris Davenport, Daron Rhalves and Jess McMillan is set to begin their Cascade volcanoes slay fest tomorrow. Their goal is to climb and ski the major cascade volcanoes in 30 days.  The major peaks they have in their sights are Mount Baker, Glacier Peak, Mount Rainier, Mount Adams, Mount St. Helens, Mount Hood, Mount Jefferson, Mount Shasta, Lassen Peak.  Other Cascades will probably make their way onto the list as well.  ESPN Action sports broke the news last week:


Davenport climbing in the Sierras. Photo: Christian Pondella.

Davenport climbing in the Sierras. Photo: Christian Pondella.

These peaks can be tough to bag this time of year, and even tougher to ski.  Conditions can range from knee deep slush to rock hard wind board.  The weather changes on the drop of a dime, and usually for the worst.

With Davenport’s experience, a team of professional skiers and beta from the Unofficially un-sponsored Tahoe crew in Pacific Northwest they should have no problem fulfilling their objective.  Good luck guys!

Here are a few links to conditions reports:

Just updated with Mount Hood:

…and more to come.



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  1. Miles Clark says:

    Tahoe “for the love” Locals VS. Davenport “for the money” Polished Pros. I like it.

    I vote that the Tahoe Locals win

  2. Grammar PoPo says:

    “The major peaks they have in their sites are”
    That would be “sights”.

    • Zeb Blais says:

      thanks grammar PoPo. Talk to Miles, see if you can get a gig here. I cud use you. (did I spell that right?)

  3. Miles Clerk says:

    That’s pretty cool. Jefferson is in the middle of no where so that will be a shitty approach.

  4. Jumbo says:

    Go Darren. I think we are all OVER Davenport. A shameless self promoter.

  5. tahoeconnection says:

    Meh, the guys in this article stepped it up one more notch by not using cars to get peak to peak:

  6. HECKLER says:

    not even cool unless the come hit the chim-chim-CHIMNEY!

  7. Thomas Como says:

    The fact that a local is doing it without the help of Red Bulls Fuck You budget and Whole Foods (Where the hell does that fit in?) sponsor, makes the Star Ship way cooler. Go Zebulon!

    Suck mi ballz grammer popo

  8. Chris Davenport says:

    Suck it y’all

  9. just saying says:

    lassen and shasta are not in the cascades. its that other volcanic range Klamaths

  10. Jamie. says:

    Can’t you hire somebody actually from the mountains and not an eastern transplant.???

  11. Jamie. says:

    So what’s the paycheck Dav?? six figures?


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