I got to thinking about this topic last night when my mom, a hard core equestrian, came home with 4 ribs broken near her spine, a hematoma (huge bruise) the size a half basketball, serious shortness of breath, and blood in her pee (no, she did not go to the hospital). She’s always given me a hard time for being a skier, but it’s her, not me, who comes home broken like this on occasion.  Twelve years ago, when she came home with a broken nose, cracked skull, and broken arm, I decided I’d look up which was more dangerous, horseback riding or skiing.

What did I find?  Nothing great.  There really aren’t any good statistics on which sports are the most injury inducing per capita.

What I did find was some serious hype about what sports are considered dangerous.

I also found some great estimates on how many injuries occur per year within each sport.

most dangerous sports in the world

I love that this “graph” above was put together by Term Life Insurance.org.  Hilarious!

The Top Ten Most Dangerous Sports on Earth are generally listed to be:

- Scuba Diving (especially cave diving)

cave scuba diving

- Horseback Riding (especially racing)

horse racing accident

- High Altitude Mountaineering

high altitude mountaineering

- BASE Jumping

base jumping berlin

- Street Luging

street luge

- Heli Skiing

heli skiing

- Bull Riding

bull riding

- Big Wave Surfing

big wave surfing


cheerleading extreme

- Whitewater Kayaking & Rafting

kayaking extreme whitewater

This is all just peoples perception and has no basis on anything remotely factual.


I did find some real facts, tho, and they are severly interesting:

graph of popular injuries

Estimated Numbers of Injuries and Causes of Injury in 2009 via NEISS:

Bicycles – 544,470

Basketball – 502,251

funny basketball injury

Football – 451,961

gruesome football injury

Exercise Equiptment – 349,543

weight lifting injury

Baseball – 286,708

Skiing/Riding – 100,359

ski accident

Trampolines – 97,908

Horseback riding – 78,499

horse crash

BBQs – 18,358

Blankets – 12,655

The US Customer Product Safety Commission has a system called the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS) that collects current injury data related to consumer products from US emergency rooms.  The NEISS uses a national probability sample from hospitals of differing sizes and locations and then provides estimates of the number and types of consumer product related injuries.  The 2009 NEISS estimates have been produced from a sample of 96 hospitals, including children’s hospitals.  All this begs the question:  “how accurate are these ‘estimates?’”  The answer is based on how much faith you have in mathematical theory.

kawasaki ninja dangerous bike

Another very interesting statistic I stumbled upon was supersport motorbikes.  Ya know, like those Kawasaki Ninjas that were rumored to give the owner an average life expectancy of 6 months after purchase.  That “statistic” is clearly bullsh#t, but these ones aren’t:

SuperSport Motorcycle Accident Rates:

- 22.5 Deaths per 10,000 registered supersport motorcycles in 2005

- 7.5 deaths per 10,000 for all types of motorcycles in 2005

- 4,050 motorcycle-related fatalities in 2005.

- These numbers are from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

- Supersport motos have higher horsepower per pound ratios than Nascar vehicles, and can reach speeds of 190 miles per hour.

atv accident

ATVs are bad, too:

- 833 deaths in 2006

- 146,600 emergency room visits in 2006

- Info above from atvsafety.gov

As always there is a ton of differing information out there.  I’m pretty curious what our community thinks.  Which sports do you guys think are the most dangerous and why?

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  1. a person says:

    the deadliest is definitely freediving, its not on this list but its basically the sport of seeing who can dive the deepest on one breath. 25% of pros apparently die doing it. look it up on you tube, the videos are insane

    • HugoPeckham says:

      For what it is, freediving actually has a surprisingly low death rate. One of the big factors is that it takes so much training to push your body close to it’s limits on holding your breath. Your body starts trying to force you to breathe long before you actually near running out of oxygen. By the time that you near your limits you tend to have a pretty good idea of how long you can go. Most sensible freedivers will also have safety divers when attempting serious depths/times etc. If done responsibly, freediving is one of the most relaxing, soulful sports around, almost like yoga in the way you control your body.

      • uhhh..... says:

        Even with a support team around there are still deaths. Remember the french couple known as the world’s best freedivers? The wife died trying to break her husband’s record, even with safety divers around she blacked out ascending at 300 feet. A safety diver pulled an emergency inflatable to get her back to surface as quickly as possible, but by that time it was too late. Very sad stuff.

        I think the issue too is that since it’s not a visually entertaining sport, it’s really well known, except for the amazing YouTube edits…and then I continue with a bunch of other technical crap.

        You can suppress your body’s instinct of trying to breathe by hyperventilating before decent to purge a large amount of carbon dioxide out of your body. You get all this wonderful bottom time from reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in your blood. Then you get this wonderfully deadly phenomenon called shallow water blackout which occurs while ascending from a free dive. The partial pressures of gasses return to their atmospheric levels which drops the oxygen below the required pressure to maintain consciousness and you pass out underwater. Based on the most recent DAN (Diver’s Alert Network) Annual report I could find online, there were a total of 40 incidents in 2006 involving breath hold diving, 34 were fatal. 12 were caused by blackouts.

        I agree that when practiced responsibly it is a very relaxing, yet physically demanding sport, but the problem with the activity is that few people actually have some kind of support network , or follow the one-up-one-down buddy rule.

  2. Tahoe Steve says:

    Man, basketball is so freakin dangerous and I’m not even kidding. Btw cheerleading is not a sport.

    • patti says:

      bull…. cheerleading is a competive sport.

    • Anonymous says:

      Cheerleading is a sport!!!! Did you notice the title of the webpage??

      • Anonymous says:

        Cheerleading is a sport, but it has a very low death rate. And the injuries aren’t usually life threatening Any sport that has a very high death rate is a dangerous sport. I know in horseback riding, serious injuries and death rates are really high! Same with foot ball

    • none of your bissnuess! says:

      in cheerleading you use muscles you dont even know you have! people on my squad who play basketball and other sports say its the hardest, but as a horse back rider i say its 2nd horse riding is hard……. it takes a good rider to make it look like they arent doing anything beileve me!

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes I horse back ride too I got crushed going over a jump and got right back up and jumped that again. Horse riding is very hard not many people can get up brush themselves off, after getting crushed by a half ton animal. Horse riding is amazing and a lot of people get seriously injured from being crushed by a horse, I considerd myself lucky lol.

      • Anonymous says:

        #frugle lol and ttyl people yolo

    • CHEERGIRL says:

      hey dude cheerleading is infact a sport i have hundreds of details proving it…….GET UR FACTS STRAIGHT!

    • This Nigga Right Here says:

      Perhaps we should say that PROFESSIONAL cheerleader is a sport but not that Junior and High School bullshit thats just for whores…

      • Lady Snowblood says:

        It’s actually more like the other way around. Not that professional cheerleaders are whores, but high school and college cheer squads actually compete other squads. Do professional cheerleaders even do stunts?

        • Ally says:

          No! Cheerleading and gymnastics are 2 very different things!! Fist of all there is no bars beam and vault. Secondly cheerleaders throw people in the air and thirdly gymnasts stay close to the ground while doing there routine cheerleaders go in the air

        • Ally says:

          Yes no dahhhhhh they do stunts! Look up top gun on YouTube

        • KayLeigh says:

          YES omg we do soooooo many freaking stunts look up competitive cheerleading stunts and you will see

    • Cheer IS a sport! says:

      If you think cheerleading isn’t a sport, sit in on a National Championship title holding cheer squad. We give up blood, time, sweat, and tears for two and a half minutes to shine and show that we know what the hell we’re going! I would LOVE to see a full basketball team try to do a twist basket toss and multiple back handsprings and tucks in a row

      • Dr. Dumpington says:

        I feel like cheerleading is just team gymnastics. which is cheating in gymnastic terms.

        • Ally says:

          No! Cheerleading and gymnastics are 2 very different things!! Fist of all there is no bars beam and vault. Secondly cheerleaders throw people in the air and thirdly gymnasts stay close to the ground while doing there routine cheerleaders go in the air

      • taytaytj4455 says:

        personally i think cheerleading is just like gymnastics but with a team. both cheerleading and gymnastics are dangerous but so is basketball so dont try to make it sound like what you do is so much more risky and dangerous than what a basketball team does.i dont know if you have heard or not but a basketball player just broke his leg and the bone was literally popping out of his leg just because he landed the wrong way….and im sure the same can happen in cheerleading. Im a horseback rider i risk my life as well. every time i sit upon the back of a horse im putting my life on the line because i work with an animal that has a mind of its own and can do whatever he/she wants if im not focused. i had a friend that was in a coma for days because a 4,000 pound horse fell on top of her. my grandmother rode and her best friend died cause she was crushed between the jumps… so you see all sports are dangerous no matter how easy they look or how dumb they may seem to you

      • Anonymous says:

        Just like the other way around, I’d like to see a bunch of cheerleaders try to play defensive line, or play basketball, or surf a wave traveling over 50 miles an hour. Cheerleaders can have their freakin sport title, but it’s not that dangerous. Sure you injure opyourselves but it’s not like the football players that get concussions every game, lacrosse players that break ankles, and free divers that drown. I’m sure whatever flips and shit you’re doing are great and all, but let’s be honest, it’s an American tradition, not the most dangerous sport ever. And for the girls that say their practices are hard, you haven’t seen shit. Every day I see our football team playing in triple digits, puking and passing out. You guys and your “ab workouts” sound a lot easier than that. Sure, it can be dangerous if you drop a girl, but don’t be stupid enough to do it in the first place, you talk about how “this one time I was spotting and shit and this one girl kicked me on the way down” well maybe she shouldn’t be in the sport. Why the hell if you do it just to complain about accidents that can be prevented by you shutting your mouth and actually trying. When I see less people doing that I might build a respect for cheerlieading, but not from what I’ve seen as of now,

    • Jordanne Vertz says:

      Bull! Cheer is most definately a sport! Try going up 10 to 15 feet up in the air and expecting the three girls on the ground to catch you! I would love to see your stupid basketball team try and do full twists and back tucks and landing on your feet correctly. And basetball isn’t dangerous! What’s the worst that can happen? You break your nose because of a ball? Big deal. We get broken necks and collarbones from our sport. Next time you diss cheer, get your facts first before you make us seem weak.

      • Lee says:

        Just because it is dangerous dose not mean it is a sport. I’m not saying it is not a sport, I’m just saying that if you want to argue this point then pick a better defense, like it is a highly skilled team event that is competitive.
        And lets be honest in terms of danger sports like the ones being discussed here have nothing on the likes of cave diving, mountaineering, black water rafting, base jumping, the skeleton run, bob sleighing. Yes statistically there are more injuries per year in other sports but have an accident in these sports and nine time out of ten it’s good night Mr Chips.

    • Bueno says:

      Had no idea that many cheerleaders read unofficial

    • Ally says:

      Yes cheerleading is a sport it was officially announced

    • KayLeigh says:

      Here’s to the people who say cheerleading isn’t a sport and that cheerleaders aren’t athletes. The very definition of sport is, and I quote, “an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature.” We practice just as much as you do. Every day of the week, 2+ hours. We condition, We run, We do ab workouts and pushups and planks. No, we don’t lift weights, we lift our athletes-and we hold them 10-15 feet in the air until our arms shake. Until our legs quiver. Don’t doubt the flyers either. We have more muscle than you seem to think. The amount of balance, leg muscle, and core tightness it takes to stay in the air is unbelievable to someone who has never done it before. We run full speed at nothing, then flip in the air, twist, and land on our feet. We jump. We jump high-without a trampoline. Concentrating on pointed toes, extended legs, tight arms, jump height, facials, and smiling… Ever based a basket toss? You get blood blisters on your hands. Softball sized bruises start to appear like magic. As for the flyers, if you’re not tight, expect to have your back jammed into your bases knee. Don’t forget about the backspots. We are the lifeguards of cheerleading. We save lives everyday. We get concussions, hit, and rammed into the ground. Without us, your flyers would be injured. Sprained ankles, broken fingers, and pulled muscles don’t slow us down. You practice like it doesn’t hurt. Now you have 2.5 minutes on a paneled mat. You have 1000+ people in the crowd every time you go on that floor. 4 judges. 2.5 minutes of horrendous physical activity and we make it look easy. Perfection doesnt exist, but here we go reaching for it anyways. You hit or you miss. Toes weren’t pointed? Deduction. Didn’t stick your tumbling? Deduction. Stunt didn’t hit? Deduction. You all think we’re the prissy girls who always have to have perfect hair and makeup. You’re wrong. At practice, we have messy buns and running makeup. Competitions? Sweats until we absolutely have to get ready. Do you think that cheer uniform is comfortable? It’s not… Sure the hair and make up is fun and gets us in the mood to perform, but ultimately it’s to unite us as a team. To be uniformed and have the same look. Think we don’t eat & are obsessed with being skinny? Good joke. We love food. Not all cheerleaders are mean girls who think they rule the school. We have really good grades and don’t hang out with the “cool kids” and go parties every weekend. We don’t all have starting quarterback football boyfriends or even any boyfriends at all. People see us as stereo types. Its wrong. Cheerleading is in the top 5 most dangerous sports in the world. Did you catch that? Sport. Proven to be in the Top 5 most dangerous, and you still have the nerve to say its not a sport? You’ve got to be joking. Cheerleading is something you have to want and work for. You have to love it and have a passion for it. So you doubt us? Fine. We’ll prove you wrong. Say we’re not athletes? Okay. Come to a practice. Compete with us. You’ll think differently. Say what we do is easy? Try it. I dare you. ♥

      • Anonymous says:

        Are you joking right now there is no way that gymnastics and cheerleading isn’t a sport! I’m in gymnastics and you should try swing around a metal bar and letting of then doing two flips above a 4 in Matt…

  3. B says:

    Wow! the world is overpopulated anyway… right?

  4. Huckwheat says:

    Heliskiing, really? I mean, if you are filming for a Teton Stick Gravity Productions movie, that is one thing…….but thousands of people heli ski every year with very little risk.

    Canada ops, really low……on 30 degree pow.
    AK, more risk, but still not something I avoid doing because I felt I might die.

    • Miles Clark says:

      Really it’s when the helis crash or when people fall in crevasses or end up in avalanches. It’s generally not from skiing.

    • Dirty old man says:

      This is bull shit. More people die bc skiing then heli skiing.

      • abamble says:

        I’m not sure if all of you know how statistics work:
        - the fact that more people die from BC riding has nothing to do with it. More people die from playing soccer or golf for that sake! Deadly in statistics like these refer to a percentage.

        The Concord was the safest plane on earth for 27 years, until the day one plane crashed. Then the statistics backfired, and it became the most dangerous plane, because of the low number of total flights and passengers.

  5. pole vaulter says:

    One highly overlooked sport is pole vaulting. Pole vaulting consistently has the highest death rates/ capita of any high school or college sport. Most injuries are caused from head and neck injuries from not landing on the pit. Other injuries can also occur due to poles snapping mid jump.

  6. Hi says:

    Hi,is gymnastics dangerous i am a completive gymnast and it seems that there is always someone getting hurt.

  7. Anonymous says:

    um… where is lacrosse? rubber balls flying at you at over 100 mph? getting wacked by 6ft metal poles? oh and by the way, cheerleading is gay…

  8. Jesus says:

    Cheerleading is gay. It shouldn’t be on the list GAY where is lacrosse,too. Exposed kneck with hard balls flying at you at over 100mph and metal sticks flying around. Not to mention the crazy defenders trying to attack you.

    • xoxosunscheer says:

      EXCUSE ME?!?! Fu** you. Y’all have helmets and pads, but you know what we have? A uniform and shoes. You have an exposed neck with metal sticks? We are being tossed in the air with our lives at stake. Hate to yourself.

      • Arileequestrian says:

        all we have is a helmet. We have A 1400 pound animal

        • HugoPeckham says:

          I think we’re all here because we know skiing is the best.

          • Geriatic Skier Gurl says:

            No, women can do one than more sport….. the core abdominal muscles used in skiing and some forms of horseback riding involved in having good balance and working with, and not against, your equine sports partner are the same.

            But no way would I take a dobbin over any damned jump. Why the heck do we put gates between outdoor places, for pete’s sake, so we don’t have to jump crap to get anywhere, like the British did 300 years ago.

      • A man says:

        Shadap and go make me a sammich!

      • Anonymous says:

        Ok, lets get something straight, we all like different sports. But cheerleading should NOT be on this list. “oh no, i fell and hit my ankle, oh, cheerleading is soooooo dangerous! im a strong independent girl…”. Fuck that! Where are other sports like f1 car racing and boxing? Lacrosse and even soccer? Those are sports where people get injured. Rugby too, a man once took a cleat to the crotch and had a testicle dangling. He sewed it up and continued to play. That seems like a pretty threatening sport as well. Cheerleading should not be on this list. Thumbs up if u agree

        • Ally says:

          Get really I would nike to see you do the splits up in the air standing on one foot with out falling or braking a leg

      • Anonymous says:

        Don’t hate people just because cheerleading isn’t as dangerous as every other sport. If you guys complain about being thrown into the air and not being caught right or dropping someone, then don’t do it! Get the proper training and do it correctly, stop fussing about worthless shit.

      • Anonymous says:

        Guys guys guys calm it ! All sports have a risk from dying in horse riding to breaking all the bone in your back doing cheerleading . So can u just except that there is no point in arguing about who’s sport is dangerous and who sport is not . OK?

    • Ally says:

      Your gay

  9. Lo says:

    You barely see any 35 year and over gymnasts so what does that tell you? Most gymnasts don’t make it in the sport past the age of 25 because of injuries. Wanna try something hard? How about a full twisting backflip on a 4 inch beam.

    • Just a basketball, football, soccer, and track & field type of girl says:

      No it tells me that everyone losses interest after 35.

    • Anonymous says:

      i love gymnastics it moreeeeeeeeeee better more way better than cheer it more hard more danger ,..

  10. Cheer and Horse luver says:

    cheerleading is definately a sport. even JH, JV, and Varsity cheerleading is dangerous, on my team we had 2 concussions, and a lot of broken bones.
    horseback riding is also very dangerous because horses are often nervous and very unpredictable.

    • T says:

      high school cheer isnt a sport. allstar is and sometimes college. and for all you haters, show me your standing full and hitch kick double. if you bitches dont know what it is look it up. Yes lacrosse and football and stuff like that is a sport but it isn’t dangerous, you cant die from that unless your an idiot.

      • Surge says:

        Football is very dangerous, bad head injuries happen out of the blue. I almost broke my knock due to an unusual hit, and not meaning to gloat but I am not an idiot. I agree with what ya said about cheer leading though

  11. person says:

    hi those are some weird sports some of them are

  12. Sam says:

    Im surprised that there are martial arts on here. I think that in Muay Thai or MMA almost 100% of people that compete get injuries.

  13. Frodo says:

    I expecting to see boxing up there

    • A man says:

      no clue why boxing isn’t up there – that’s the most dangerous sport there is. Getting punched in the face and body 1000 times a fight… I couldn’t take a single punch from a boxer without serious injury much less 1000… Brain trauma… see Mohammad Ali

  14. marissa says:

    How about free soloing? Rockclimbing without rope. This is not like most other sports, other sports if you screw up you get hurt. If you are onehundred feet and the air and oops you slip. That’s it your dead. If you fall in cheerleading you will get hurt badly, maybe even die but free soloing you DIE! Same with lacrosse you will get hurt and ocassionally get a fatal injury. So I say free soloing all the way.

    And I totally repect cheerleading and horseback riding and they are very dangerous

  15. Anonymous says:

    Ok i cheer for ECCATS and my middle school trust me it is the most dangerous sport because you can get really hurt and people say its just for fun but there not a cheerleader like some people so i have been cheering all my life and im only 12 so its very dangerous.

    • T says:

      school cheer isn’t a sport.
      allstar is

      • Anonymous says:

        yeah allstar cheer or competitive cheer is really dangerous but cheering for a school is NOT a sport! trust me I used to cheer for a school its not hard. going to competitions every weekend is hard.

    • Lee says:

      But is it likely you will die? If the answer is no then it shouldn’t be on this list

  16. Strovbe says:

    Cheerleading is about as much of a sport as racing. Name one pro cheerleader that everyone has heard of. Exactly. There’s a reason it’s not an olympic sport. Now snowboarding can be EXTREMELY dangerous, along with skiing. One wrong turn down a slope and you’ll be eating a tree. There’s also the risk of the ski poles going through your skull in a wreck, or the snowboard catching too much snow on one side and you being thrown onto your back or face. Atleast heli-skiing is on this list.

  17. horseluver says:

    Cheer leading is a sport. I don’t do it but I have seen girls get broken necks because of the tossing up in the air thing. Horseback riding is even more dangerous than that though. My cousin went into a coma falling from a horse.

    It bucked him off and threw him 10 feet, he smacked his head on the fence and cracked it open.

    • mdskier says:

      President of our ski club in DC was injured badly. Not from skiing but practicing
      show jumping on her horse. The horse fell and landed on top of her. If she hadn’t
      seen the animal crashing down quickly rolled sideways she would be dead.

      The hit broke a number of ribs. She’s fully recovered now.

  18. HugoPeckham says:

    I just don’t understand where all these cheerleaders have all come from on unofficial? Where have you been hiding?

  19. Trolololo says:

    Why isn’t Curling on here?? Have you seen the statistics? Maynard Tragedy, 1996, look it up. 23 dead, 4 wounded, at least 7 pregnant.

  20. cmh says:

    These comments are really making me realize how many people do a sport because it makes them feel important, whereas (hopefully) most of us ski basically because it feels cool to slide around on hills.

  21. spammeplez says:

    My vote, not that anyone is taking notes or cares is Free Soloing. The consequence for one extremely small mistake, physical or mental is simply death. No margin for error here.

    • BoGnar says:

      Climbing rocks a sport? No- that is dumb shit I did when I was 10. I do not understand why people would do such stupid activities into their adult life.
      Not a sport- just a hobbie

      • Lee says:

        All sports are built on hobbies, and people do it for the same reason every one else dose a sport. Because they love it, for the rush, it brings them joy. What other reason is there to do a sport?

  22. Minnesota says:

    I equestrian free cheer, constantly throwing down switch basket grabs with a Screamin Semen. No rope and no one to catch me. The fact that I do it on my trusty horse’s back with crampons on makes me all the more core. I don’t have to say that I’m better than you, but I will.

  23. BoGnar says:

    Pro video gaming! Huge risk in sitting on your ass all day. Getting fat, heart problems, blood clotting.
    But really- ski racing seemes sketchy. 80+ mph with a helmet and skin suit to protect you from a very slick/ firm surface, trees and lift towers.
    Me- I snowboard for smiles

  24. hosegrl27 says:

    Horseback riding is absolutly the most dangerous and motorcross is too. try controling a 200 pound motorcyclr and a 1300pound HORSE and then having it fall on you… check the olympics crosscountry horsebackriding and i think u will get the idea

  25. gnar allergy says:

    i cant believe freestyle moto isnt on the top. i dont know a lot about it particularly but theres a shitton of deaths from young sponsered guys. tragic. i couldnt believe it when i read about it.

  26. leaftwig says:

    Polo. That is all.

  27. carlose vantora says:

    my mother my dad and my fucking brother dyed sucking there small little peckers

  28. Emile rose says:

    Cheer is nothing all you do is run around in circles all day screaming its only a sport if you play for cheer extream try one day of horseback riding and/or lacross and then you can say how athletic you princes are pathedic beotches

  29. moose says:

    Hahaha who in the right mind will say cheerleading is a sport ?? Om my shit !! You are gay for just thinking about it !! Rugby is one of the most dangerous sports just think about it !!

    • Anonymous says:

      I’ve seen a couple rugby games and I’m pretty sure they hug each other more in their short game than cheerleaders do on their off time.

  30. Yumilstitzkins says:

    15 broken bones, one knee reconstruction, one compressed vertebrae, at least 2 concussions, and lots of stiches in 10 years of racing moto in the southeast. The only real injury in 300-400 days of snowboarding is a sprained ankle. Though, I am limping right now from a bout with on Aspen tree haha.

  31. Miranda says:

    Horseback riding is definetly #1 on most dangerous list. Try controlling a 1,000+ pound horse with your legs. They can kill you at any second but choose not too. I have been kicked, bitten, stepped on, broke bones, and bruised ribs.

  32. my 2 cents says:

    WOW! Never new so many cheerleaders ski and board…. feisty lil dudes….

  33. i44 says:

    What handball??

  34. Kngknn says:

    Anyone here know about isle of man tt?its a road racing event..just check on youtube..it will sure shock you..

  35. Kngknn says:

    Its the oldest motorsport event.since 1907.a very few years have passed since then without any deaths.and the list of serious injuries cant be even compared to any other sports on the planet.amazed that it has not been listed here..just check it out.

  36. Blaze says:

    How about chess??

  37. dressageisnumberone says:

    There are many factors that make horse-back riding an extremely dangerous sport. A horse’s neck itself is stronger than the entire human body– now try and control the entire horse with only your WEIGHT, LEGS, and ARMS. Yeah, not that easy. Riders use their ankles, calves, knees, a lot of inner thigh, hips, abs, back, shoulders, triceps and biceps, and wrists just to get a horse to go over ONE jump, execute ONE dressage movement, or listen in basically any other way.
    I have had more injuries to count– and now my bone structure and joints will always be a problem for me.

    I think that all of the sports mentioned above are worthy of being called dangerous sports, and I’m glad that everyone has pride in his own sport.


  38. Surge says:

    Everyone here is under the illusion that cheer leading is a sport just because people get hurt doing it. Granted it is dangerous but just barely a sport, in my opinion in a sport u have to a. Run or move somewhere b. compete. If your only argument is that cheerleaders get hurt so it is a sport then parkour should be considered as well (but parkour isn’t really a sport as there are almost no compitetions)

    • leigh says:

      they DO compete. first of all. and SECOND of all, a sport means you have to run or move somewhere?? so driving a car is more of a sport than say, weightlifting? you think cheerleaders dont move at all? they move more than a diver does. is diving not a sport? what about baseball? 90% of the time you arent doing ANYTHING!

  39. Mammy says:

    Competitive cheerleading qualifies as a sport.
    Sideline cheerleading doesn’t. If you don’t know what that is, it’s cheering at games and such.
    Since high school and college cheer do both competitive and sideline, they aren’t considered sports. As my (cheer) coach says, “They are athletes without a sport.”
    Allstar cheer is definitely a sport, bar-none.
    Professional cheerleading, like the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, isn’t a sport. I don’t even know why it’s called “cheerleading” in the first place; it’s poms/dancing, not cheer.

  40. Hey says:

    Competitive cheerleading qualifies as a sport.
    Sideline cheerleading does not. If you don’t know what that is, it’s cheering at games and such.
    Since high school and college cheer do both competitive and sideline, most of the time, they aren’t considered sports. As my (cheer) coach says, “They are athletes without a sport.”
    Allstar cheer is definitely a sport, bar-none.
    Professional cheerleading (i.e.- Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders) is definitely not a sport. I don’t even know why they call it cheerleading; it’s poms not cheer.

  41. Just a basketball, football, soccer, and track & field type of girl says:

    Cheerleading is NOT a sport. it really is just lifting people up and putting them down and also just dancing. cheerleading used to be good. Girls standing on the SIDELINE cheering saying woo hoo and yay boys. but not now. now they have to do a whole routine on the sideline and distract people from the game. and most importantly, they distract the players which obviously isn’t good. I dont hate cheerleaders, but some of them can pretty bratty. BUT NOT ALL! some of my best friends are cheerleaders. so i dont generally hate cheerleaders.

  42. manu says:

    surfing has to be the second most dangerous, just 3m under that wave is a razor sharp reef, that WILL kill you if you come off. base jumping has to be the most dangerous.

  43. Rob says:

    In my opinion Downhill mtb is the most dangerous closely followed by
    Motocross, Literally all of my friends who do Downhilling have had serious injuries from it myself included. One month ago i shattered my femur in 8 places.

  44. Maria says:

    Seriously? People are fighting over how their sport is more dangerous because they wear less protection? The more protection the more dangerous it is, its common sense. Lacrosse players wear helmets and eye protection because they could get hit in the face with a ball or stick. Cheerleader are not going to be hit in the face with a ball or stick. Cheerleaders don’t need body protection because nothing could hurt them unless they fall, even then they have spotters. I ride horses and I would consider it pretty dangerous, helmets and safety vests need to be certified. And in Cross-country you need to wear your medical information on your arm. (Sorry if I got any terminology wrong I don’t cheer or play lacrosse) I don’t see how scuba diving is dangerous, I mean people do it on vacation.

  45. SkaterGirl says:

    Shouldn’t skateboarding be on the list.

  46. Figure_Skater says:

    I honestly think figure skating should be on the list since can get stabbed with the toe pick or the heel part of the blade. But many things can happen you can break your ankle, and sometimes if you fall on your head you can become blind or lose your memory.

  47. Bob says:

    You can be seriously injured in all these sports. Example I have broken a rib playing basketball broken my hand arm and had a concussion from boxing. But If we’re talking serious here my cousin has had 8 concussions from playing football just from him getting hit in the head when someone is trying to protect themselves from being tackled by putting their head down and hitting the other person at top speed

  48. Bob says:

    You can be seriously injured in all these sports. Example I have broken a rib playing basketball broken my hand arm and had a concussion from boxing also my friend is paralyzed from playing soccer. Also my cousin has had 8 concussions from playing football just from him getting hit in the head when someone is trying to protect themselves from being tackled by putting their head down and hitting the other person at top speed. Were just playing the sports we are not idiots. But really stop arguing I’m just saying what I said about sports because it is true.

  49. Bob says:

    Only the second comment was true

  50. Jessica says:

    The only reason gymnastics isn’t higher on ur chart is because it is so physically demanding that it physically can’t be done between the ages of 35 and 54

  51. leigh says:

    i am not, never have been and never intend to be a cheerleader.

    however, the completely ridiculous sexism on this comments section is outrageous!

    cheerleading is most definitely a sport, whether you ignorant jocks want to believe it or not. It ISN’T team gymnastics either. That already exists and is wildly different.

    In cheerleading, you are using your muscles to balance, lift, run, jump, flip and bend. You are lifting girls up, throwing them, tumbling and exerting quite a lot of energy. you have to be in shape, and work out and practice. how anyone can say it is NOT a sport is completely ignorant to what sports is. If horseback riding is a sport (which is it) and BMX, and NASCAR, and Motosports, and scuba diving, are ALL sports (where the physical ability is less obvious), than the ONLY reason to say that cheerleading is not a sport is pure SEXISM, because it is one of the few female dominated sports in existence.

  52. Back in May, Kngknn brought up the Isle of Man TT motorcycle road races. The event began back in 1907. Over these 106 years, 240 competitors have died. And this doesn’t take into account the race officials, police, and, of course, spectators. How can this sort of thing happen ? Simple. The Isle of Man is a unique little island with its own ideas about letting people do a very dangerous thing if that’s what they want. The TT has been stripped of its International Gran Prix status ever since 1976. TT riders will often race in sanctioned MotoGp events, but few MotoGp riders venture onto the Isle of Man. Not even Valentino Rossi.

  53. Grace says:

    Horse back riding and cheerleading are alike. You must give all your trust to your team member or you will get hurt. Focus every second. And kick butt and look pretty at the same time.

  54. gymnast101 says:

    Ranking Sport
    1 Boxing
    2 Ice Hockey
    3 American Football
    4 Basketball
    5 Wrestling
    6 Martial Arts
    7 Tennis
    8 Gymnastics
    9 Baseball/Softball
    10 Soccer
    11 Skiing: Alpine
    11 Water Polo
    13 Rugby
    14 Lacrosse
    15 Rodeo: Steer Wrestling
    16 Track and Field: Pole Vault
    17 Field Hockey
    17 Speed Skating
    19 Figure Skating
    20 Cycling: Distance
    20 Volleyball
    22 Racquetball/Squash
    23 Surfing
    24 Fencing
    25 Skiing: Freestyle
    26 Team Handball
    27 Cycling: Sprints
    28 Bobsledding/Luge
    29 Ski Jumping
    30 Badminton
    30 Skiing: Nordic
    32 Auto Racing
    33 Track and Field: High Jump
    34 Track and Field: Long, Triple jumps
    35 Diving
    36 Swimming (all strokes): Distance
    37 Skateboarding
    38 Track and Field: Sprints
    39 Rowing
    40 Rodeo: Calf Roping
    40 Track and Field: Distance
    42 Rodeo: Bull/Bareback/Bronc Riding
    43 Track and Field: Middle Distance
    44 Weight-Lifting
    45 Swimming (all strokes): Sprints
    46 Water Skiing
    47 Table Tennis
    48 Track and Field: Weights
    49 Canoe/Kayak
    50 Horse Racing
    51 Golf
    52 Cheerleading
    52 Roller Skating
    54 Equestrian
    55 Archery
    56 Curling
    57 Bowling
    58 Shooting
    59 Billiards
    60 Fishing

  55. john says:

    cheerleeding is not a dangerous sport there are lots of minor injuries but only 100 people have been paralyzed or killed.

    in whitewater kayaking there has been over 1500 deaths and 800 serious back and neck injuries

    if you have any doubts look at tyler brants broken back off of a 100ft waterfall

  56. Cammi says:

    Look up the sport of 3-day Eventing, or ask your mom. Currently considered one of the most dangerous sports in the world by governments across the globe. Its still in debate (and has been for 10+ years) whether it should be taken out of the Olympics because its purely “too dangerous” and its expected that one or more horses and riders die during the Games.

    There are numerous incidents where young people (young as around 10) lose their lives, every year. And the thing that angers me most is that non-equestrian people don’t considerate it a SPORT!


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