Wingsuit flying is a relatively young sport but it progresses at an incredibly fast pace. The idea of a man completing a jump and landing on water without a parachute has been widely talked of within the wingsuit community since Gary Connery landed the first wingsuit jump without using a parachute. Gary’s jump and landing can be seen here:

This video shows another huge progression in wingsuit flying. Raphael Dumont, 31 from Chamonix (France), has always been fascinated by flight. This project is not just about flight though, it has always been about doing the impossible and pushing the boundaries of human possibility. What it does not show is the days of preparation, planning and hard work required to make it a reality, plus a lot of injuries!

The jump took place at Lake Garda (Italy) on September 30th 2013. Raphael has trained in BASE jumping and wingsuit flight for many years, he is a professional with over 600 successful flights to date and the jump was performed under professional supervision.

The flight and subsequent landing have been planned for several years with absolute attention to detail and safety at all times. The theory and calculations behind the landing have been based on the trajectory and approach of a plane landing. Please do not attempt wingsuit flying or to recreate such a landing as it is highly dangerous.

We would like to especially thank the people at Wingman for their continued support, you guys are awesome!
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  1. oli ego claim says:

    oh my holy balls!!!!

  2. Robin Mimeault says:

    RESPECT !!!!

  3. bert says:


  4. jstorrs says:

    I looks fake.

  5. justin says:

    how about an uncut version of the “landing” (AKA, crappy CGI)… soooo fake

  6. joem32 says:

    BS… FAKE. If it was legit, he’d be coming in at a much higher speed and skip for a LONG distance. LAME.

  7. Pryce Brown says:

    The fact that he’s not wearing a BASE rig as a backup in case the approach doesn’t go well guarantees that this is a fake.

  8. kohotolo says:

    Ridiculous and annoyingly bad cgi.

  9. jmag says:

    Pretty sure it is a shampoo commercial

  10. Noonan says:

    Guy walking in at a minute is the best part of this video. Period!

  11. Rileseven says:


  12. irealist says:

    man who tells him how to land is the best. classic academic teacher no practice only theory :D

  13. T. Jax art says:

    Not cool

  14. T. Jax art says:

    I feel like Gary Connery, Espin Fadnes, and Jeb Coriliss should rough you up a bit then take you to the same ledge with the same suit minus the parachute.

  15. Jimmy Rustles says:

    That’s cute, I wonder what ‘writer’ for Unofficial penned this article.. They must be feeling pretty dumb. Redbull will have some one BASE from space, Jeb Corliss flies through a dagger (red bull go pro), but some frenchie BASEs from a mountain with no sponsors?

  16. Sergey Aleseevich Ffracoon says:


  17. Petr Beranek says:

    It is a fake. Take a look at the base rig used when he jumps off the cliff and the “thing” he has on his back when landed on water. It’s very different, no rig is there!

  18. Garbage Patrol says:

    Judging by the crappy cine. this is FAKE

  19. Deivison Silva says:


  20. DrippyGina says:

    stupid Unofficial author wasting our time with this bullshit

  21. the_lorax says:

    LOL, I had the first fake comment on here and it got deleted. Now everybody else has the same comment that got “approved” by the moderators.

  22. Not a kook says:

    Trolling of the year award!

  23. froggy184 says:

    By my calculations, the balls required to make that jump would be so heavy that they would nullify the glide effect of the wing suit.

  24. Carrie Rostollan says:

    That’s not flying. It’s falling with style.

  25. brooks says:

    him shaving I think could have made it possible

  26. alex says:


  27. Uncle Bob says:

    Its look more like an expensive viral ad for the shaving gel; seriously looks fake and rather lame for being fake. Shame would be an amazing stunt. Favourite is the collection of on-lookers, utterly unbelieveable unlike the actual Thunderbirds style landing, excellent work.

  28. Fake says:

    Fake Fake Fake

  29. Robbo the wonder spaniel says:

    Take a look at the gopro on a stalk he approaches with, then the shots after he lands – this is a patchup – fake …


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