whistler peak to peak gondola
Whistler with 8 cms of fresh snow today.  Peak 2 Peak Gondola.

Whistler Blackcomb got 8 cms of snow the past 2 days which hugely improved the skiing.  It didn’t hurt the looks of this place either.  With white in the trees and new snow on the rocks, the whole coast range appeared much more alive today.  People were evening hucking a bit in the Harmony area.  I’ve got photographic evidence to support it.  Nothin’ crazy, but people got after it doing small hucks, a coupla guys were hitting Mons Pubis, and two guys even skied The Coffin off Peak Chair (yeah Ryan).

harmony whistler

Harmony huckage

The lower mountain was below low clouds.  Mid-mountain was socked in fog.  The upper mountain varied between sunshine, low overcast, and socked in fog.

trees with snow in whistler

snow. trees. clouds.

Harmony was skiing great and so was the Peak chair.  8 cms wasn’t enough to keep you inevitably off the old ice, but you’d get a soft turn here and there which would give you the confidence to explore and ski the whole mountain more than we’ve been.

The groomers were much improved over the hard old snow during the past two weeks and the Dave Murrey rollers were outta hand.

whistler alpine terrain

The views were stellar today

The A-Line mountain bike trail was the stand out again today.  It was in perfect form and kept us laughing all afternoon.  If you’ve never done, get a bike park map and find it.  When the conditions are funky, this is where you wanna be.

whistler snow trees

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  1. Blackcomb local says:

    Glacier chair on blackcomb was fun today as well.

  2. hikeabike says:

    Watch out for hikers on A line… or else….

  3. faraway says:

    Thank you, Miles, for accomplishing what Jake appears to be unable to do: Simple, accurate conditions reporting and light stoke. Thank for your a non-inflammatory, gender neutral, syntactically correct, non-stash-divulging post with pleasant photographs.

    Best Regards.


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