From Colter:
“All the footage I gathered from the second half of my season all chopped up! includes some stellar shots from the 4hr. Heli ride I got for free from SEABA straight thru the Chugach. Also a bunch of skiing in Alaska, BC, and at Smith optics sled skiing zone, Prospecting Idaho. Might be a lil long, but the song went that long, so whatever! “

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  1. brooks says:

    fuckin sick man. better than so many ski flick parts. 1st spine was insane!

  2. Sick sauce says:

    huge lines and drops. one of the better edits posted in a while on here. dude is going some where with this sport

  3. Buck says:

    This guy rides like a girl

  4. AP says:

    Yeeeaaaa Colt! Your killing it.

  5. Noonan says:

    Such good style!

  6. douchee magoo says:

    “4hr. Heli ride I got for free from SEABA straight thru the Chugach.” Wow, free, you’re so special, and humble too.

    • dy says:

      If you got a free heli ride you’d probably be pretty stoked too. How bout you chill and take the negativity elsewhere.

  7. Easty says:

    illlllllllllllll…..sick edit.

  8. Colter says:

    Hell ya! thanks err one! cept for douchee magoo! haha

    • douchee magoo says:

      Hey don’t hate the douchee! Just tellin it like it is. I thought the edit was great and I appreciate you sharing it.


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