Ol’ Cody Barnhill is a long time LCC shredster from Aleyeska, AK. I remember when he first got to Alta and worked at the Rustler Lodge. Cody would send big big 180s off Punk Rock into pow landings way before the rise of tail rocker. Cody has been more under the radar the past few years, but he still has the skills. I like the Wolverine Cirque lines in the middle of the edit and the large backcountry 360 near the end.


Snow is on the way!



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  1. EP says:

    Goooo Cody! min 3= legs shaking just watching

  2. Tram says:

    Cody, You’re an animal!

  3. Anonymous says:

    First you spelled “Alyeska” wrong. Second there is no “Alyeska” AK. That is the resort, based in GIRWOOD, AK… For the amount of writing that you post it is amazing that easily spotted errors continue to arise in this website… Please proofread one of these, or find some one who will


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