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Shane McConkey was good at a lot of things, one of them being humor. In this 2000 “Commercial,” Shane kicks some serious ass in order to claim first chair. Taken from “There’s Something About McConkey,” this spot is nothing short of hilarious (even if there’s some gratuitous violence). What would you do for first chair? This probably isn’t suitable for younger viewers.


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  1. Eric says:

    Damn I miss that guy…

  2. Matt says:

    That is so awesome! Would that have aired on TV or just ski videos previews?

  3. huhh??? says:

    gee, so funny. lots of laughter. so much humor. truly great comedy. academy award for sure. can’t stop laughing. gotta get this vid. hahaha.

  4. Getting my head cut off in this movie is one of the highlights of my whole ski career.

  5. Ski2Fly says:

    Shades of Monty Python. Hey, no friends on a powder day.


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