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Check out Chris Benchetler as he he gets after lines in Pemperton, BC and AK. All shot on the juice-box (GoPro) while filming for TGR’s new movie “The Dream Factory.” Not as Gnar as we’ve seen from other TGR Athlete Videos but still steezy and put to good music. Smooth editing Mr. Benchetler.

‘The GoPro TGR Athlete Video Series follows TGR athletes through the lens of their GoPro. Episodes are shot exclusively on the GoPro HD HERO2 and have been edited by the athletes themselves.

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  1. Ken Geiger says:


  2. yo mama says:

    pretty weak for such a big pro, way too shaky, go pro not tight enough

  3. kyleskisintrees says:

    Congrats on skiing the slowest AK lines of the year! Mega-Steeze!

  4. Bernie Lomax says:

    Maybe if he didn’t clean off his skis in the beginning, it wouldn’t have been so obvious that he power slid most of the line. At least it was “steezy”…

  5. Rob says:

    There’s a nose butter 5 and a 180 with a couple really steep rollover spines in this.. I don’t know why you’re all hating. You’d probably be shitting yourselves if it wasn’t pov.

    • gnarcephony says:

      probably steeper for longer than anything any of these wankers have skied in their life, but it was POV so they’ll hate to feel better about how rad they are without realizing how lame they sound.

  6. rizzo says:

    them be the lines i would love to ski.

  7. YourTheBest says:

    ^ I’m sure your guys’ edits are so much better!

  8. Anonymous says:

    great skier
    but unofficial whistler is trash, you should take the site offline. its ridiculous.

  9. Frank says:

    Chris is the bomb and Atomic is making moves. I would also pleasure your fat mother to get on those “slow AK lines”


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