Ashima Shiraishi is arguably one of the best bouldering climbers in the world…and she’s 11.  Bouldering’s scale goes from V0-V16.  Very few climbers have ever climbed at the V13 level.  Ashima has been climbing at the V13 level since the age of 10.

Ashima recently turned 11-years-old, stands 4 feet 5 inches, weights 63 pounds, and is already famous in the climbing world.


- American Bouldering Series Youth National Championship past 3 years in a row

- V13 Crown of Aragorn @ Hueco Tanks, Texas at age of 10

- V12 Right Martini @ Hueco Tanks, Texas at age of 9

- V11/12 Chablanke @ Hueco Tanks, Taxas at age of 8

- Began sending extremely difficult boulder problems at age 7

Ashima on Right Martini (V12) at the age of 10


- Randomly began climbing at age 6 in Central Park, New York City on “Rat Rock”

- Starting frequenting Manhattan Plaza Health Club on the West Side at 6 years old

- She trains 4pm-7:30pm everyday at Brooklyn Boulders with her climbing coach

- Live in New York City

Ashima on Greasy Kids Stuff @ Hueco Texas. photo Erch Schlegel/New York Times

Children may have advantages over adults in climbing:

“Physically, children and teenagers may even have some advantages over adults: their small hands and feet allow them to use holds that adults cannot. Some experts have suggested that they bounce back more quickly from falls and injuries than adults do.” – New York Times

 Children don’t have the focus to climb as well as adults…except for Ashima:

“She’s this adorable little girl who climbs hard and cries when she doesn’t send,” said Andrew Tower, the editor in chief of Urban Climber magazine. “Her climbing I.Q. is so high, you show her how to do something and she soaks it up really quickly. She understands innately how to move.” – New York Times

Read the full New York Time’s Article here:

Tiny Hand Over Hand

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  1. Miles Clark says:

    That toe hook move in the video is ridiculous

  2. dopestdope says:

    Saw this at Banf Film Fest in Denver. Awsome movie, funny, crazy bouldering, will make you want to quit climbing.

  3. Mat says:

    Oh C’mon !!!!!!!!!

  4. O'Doyle Rules! says:

    I feel so inadequate.

  5. The Large Professor says:

    Great climbing, now PLEASE someone get that kid a haircut!!!!

  6. Rufus Bluejeans says:

    i climbed a V3 once.

  7. brian says:

    definitely try to watch this full movie. its probably under 30 min, and was the banff world tour this year. crazy good.

    then watch another movie in the real rock series- sketchy andy. quickly proceed to shit in your pants from fear


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