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Judicial District Attorney Sherry Caloia announced yesterday that no charges will be brought against Virginia Chen, 53, of New York City, who collided with Nancy Egleston on Aspen mountain.

The accident occurred on February 4th at around 3:40pm on the Spar Gulch run at Grand Junction. Nancy suffered a traumatic brain injury in the collision and died “within minutes”.

The District Attorney’s office found that there was no evidence to substantiate a charge that Chen committed criminal recklessness or negligence, Caloia said.

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  1. Zack says:

    Called it

  2. scrubitkook says:

    what a bummer looks like such a nice lady :(

  3. bobross says:

    she probably called last run

  4. mdskier says:

    So a 53 yr woman from NY collides with and kills a nice 48 yr woman from PA.

    Tragic accident but I’d stay away from all the tourist types during last run of the day at Ajax who all get funneled into Spar Gulch and Copper Gulch.
    This is like the freeway during rush hour.

  5. Young punk says:

    Just wonder if the same would have happened if she was hit by a young male snowboarder without a lawyer…

  6. Yobrobra says:

    I’m sure Ms. chen’s relieved not to have jail hanging over her head, but lets not forget she goes to bed every night with the knowledge she caused someone’s death…not exactly a balm for rest. Accidents are called accidents because some portion of life is unpredictable. In a gravity sport with thousands of people clustered together its foreseeable that a few tragedies will occur. Scumbag lawyers can only turn a buck if people think money can take the place of loved ones.

    • scrubitkook says:

      true dat, im sure she will be haunted by that accident the rest of her life, how sad for all parties involved, shit i think its incredibly sad, i cant imagine that happening to one of my loved ones…


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