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Skiing A Dream Line In La Grave, France On The Völkl v-werks BMT

In search of fresh powder, great adventures and unforgettable moments the Völkl skiers Ian McIntosh, Christina Lustenberger, Austin Ross and Stian Hagen decided to move south from their base in … Read More

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Scratch & Shred Turntable Snowboard: Every Third Thursday

Scratch & Shred Turntable Snowboard: Every Third Thursday ETT Season 4, episode 8: Are you ready? I said, are you READY for this pioneering turntable snowboard?! In true hip hop … Read More

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The Spring Break You Wish You Had

Spring break 2014 featuring bennett drummond, Eric Bourke, Turner Drummond, and Jacques Fix.

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Meanwhile in Russia…..

Meanwhile in Russia…..

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Must Watch: Brandon Semenuk’s Rad Company Trailer

Brandon Semenuk’s RAD COMPANY pushes the limits of freeride mountain biking and showcases the skills and passion that make him one of the most versatile and explosive riders on the … Read More

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If You Call In The Army To Rescue You From A Mountain Top This Is How It Might Go Down

Army National Guard – Mountain Top Rescue Mission Training

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Snowbird FWT 2014 | Panda Style

Tanner and the other athletes from Panda Poles had a great time during the Freeride World Tour event at Snowbird last month. Sorry I am a little late getting this … Read More

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Wild Wild Wasatch- April Powdays

The final Wild Wild Wasatch Edit of the season from Alex and Max. With the April showers bringing amazing conditions to the Wasatch, we got what we could, while it … Read More

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Watch: Insane Rodeo to Rail Trick from Seb Toots

Watch: Insane Rodeo to Rail Trick from Seb Toots

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Snowbird Named OnTheSnow’s Top Resort of 2014 has released their viewers top picks of 2014.  “Each season, we ask our millions of skiers and riders in North America to tell us about and rate their ski … Read More

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Monster Energy’s Enemy Lines = The Craziest Ski Race in Canada

After unseasonably warm weather in 2013 forced the race to start from a cat track below the headwall, the forecast in Fernie, BC cooperated just enough this year to allow … Read More

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Watch: Richard Permin’s Full Segment From MSP’s “Superheroes of Stoke”

Richard Permin’s SOS Segment -MSP Watch: Richard Permin’s full segment from MSP’s “Superheroes of Stoke”


Maxxtracks = Probably the Coolest Thing You Can Buy For Your Deer Valley Basement.

 Forget about the NordicTrack, Maxxtracks is where it’s at. Who wouldn’t want one of these things in the basement of their Deer Valley Home?  Maxxtracks is the premier brand in skislope simulators. … Read More

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Watch This Crazy Swiss Walk Up a Cable Car Wire

Classic footage of Switzerland’s Freddy Nock walking up a 3,264-foot (995 metres) long cable car wire to the top of Germany’s highest mountain, Zugspitze, using only a balancing pole.

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Watch Tanner Hall and Sander Hadley Absolutely Shred Squaw Valley

Tanner Hall and Sander Hadley at Squaw Filmed 100% on the GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition at Squaw Valley Resort over 3 afternoons of riding. Skiers: Tanner Hall, Sander Hadley, … Read More

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Watch: Eric Hjorleifson vs. Avalanche

Eric Hjorleifson sets off an avalanche on a big mountain pillow line and attempts to ski through it.

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Barack Obama Gives Gus Kenworthy Props

Barack Obama calls out Gus Kenworthy and talks about double cork 1260s from the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. [source:]

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Closing Day on KT-22 | Yes, KT-22 is CLOSED For The Season!

Closing day on KT-22 April 14, 2014 Video by, david saputo   Yesterday marked the last day of the season for KT-22. Following a very late opening of February 14th KT was open for just … Read More

Towed Behind a plane on skis

Watch: Towed Behind an Airplane on Skis!

Reese Hanneman getting towed on skis, behind a Husky on a snowfield in the Alaska Range.

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Think Your Ski Season Was Nuts? Check These Guys’ | The Buddy System with Matt Philippi, Ep. 1

It was a tricky year in the Wyoming backcountry dealing with unstable snowpack. Not to fear, Matt Philippi, John Spriggs, and their buddies still found deep powder, huge rocky lines, … Read More

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Seb Toots Drops Killer 2014 Street Edit

SebToots street edit 2014 Seb Toots 2 weeks project in the street around Montreal. Filmed and edited by Mathieu Cowan / Sunset Films [source:]

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This Is So Cool | Red Fox Hunting The Snowpack in Yellowstone

A red fox listens out for mice scurrying six feet beneath the snow before diving head first into the drift to snap up its prey.

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WARNING: This Video Might Make You Pack Your Bags And Head To Chile For The Summer

With the North American ski season winding down you might want to start thinking about heading south for some summertime skiing in South America. Riders: Matt Wainhouse, Ian Wood, Sebastian … Read More

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Ski The East Freeride Tour 2014: Stop 4 – Jay Peak Finals

The 4th and final event of the 2014 Ski The East Freeride Tour at Jay Peak, VT on March 15/16.  Men: 1st — Dylan Dipentima 2nd — Noah Labow 3rd … Read More

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Crash of The Week: Double Frontflip to Faceplant

From Title:   double frontflip to death Uploader:   sugarpieshow Description:   went to big on a 25-30 ft jump Credit:   ski patrol Skier:   xarly dufresne Location:   orford Playtime:   00:00:14 Artist:   chief keef Uploaded On:   Apr 13th 2014

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Suzuki Nine Knights 2014 | Full Highlight Clip

Watch the worlds best freeskiers going bonkers at Suzuki Nine Knights 2014