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Skier Dies After Striking Tree @ Jackson Hole

A 31-year-old man is dead after striking a tree at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. The skier suffered what the resort called “significant trauma” after hitting a tree in an area called the … Read More

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Headwaters Spring Runoff Comp Highlights 2014 | FWQ 4-Star Next Week!

For all you freeriders out there making the the trip to Big Sky, MT later this week to compete in the 4-Star FWQ event here is a little sample of … Read More


Tahoe Skiers Enjoy The Best Day of The Season

Image from Sugar Bowl‘s parking lot.  Following a depressing few months, Tahoe finally got the goods. Many skiers and riders are reporting that yesterday, March 30, was the best day of the … Read More

Brian enjoys a picturesque run down the West Face of "Sluffhead".

State of the Backcountry 2014: XII | Sponsored by Alpenglow Sports

  With high pressure in place, Tour Camp continued to fire this past week in the Chugach. Under sunny skies with workable stability, fantastic skiing was found on almost every … Read More

eliel hindert

Classic Clip: Eliel Hindert,This Kid Goes F*ing Huge

Eliel Hindert can be described with two words: Bouncy Ball. He’s basically a 15 year old boy trapped in a 22yr old body. Eliel is the the most excited human … Read More

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Epic Alert For The Sierra!


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The NW Couloir of the Pfeifferhorn X 2 + The Hypodemic Needle | Wasatch Gems

Last week was the time to get after big lines in the Wasatch. Green avalnache conditions all the way around at all elevations is a rare site and many groups … Read More


Still Awesome: A Skier’s Journey – Dubai

Still Awesome: A Skier’s Journey – Dubai “In 40 degree heat, in the largest sand desert on the planet, Chad Sayers and Chad Manley go looking for the one of … Read More

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“Images of Whistler” [1975]. You Should Watch This For The Soundtrack Alone.

Some vintage ski porn from Whistler – 1975. If you like this you might also want to check out The Original Marketing Movie for Snowbird. Shot in 1972.  “Images of Whistler” … Read More

Backcountry Skiing

New University of Utah Program Will Explore The Science of Skiing and Snowboarding

Photo by, Tracy J. Anderson The University of Utah will be hosting a new program that will explore the science of skiing and snowboarding. The program called “Physics of Freeride” is geared toward … Read More

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March Madness | Brandon Craddock

Everyone in Tahoe was hoping for a ‘Miracle March’ when it was really just ‘March Madness’. It was pretty bad but pretty good at the same time, it was a … Read More

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You Wish You Could Ski Like This | Sander Hadley Crushing Alta/Snowbird

Februany “Utah enjoyed one of the stormier months within the past couple of years during February of 2014.” - Sander Hadley Skier: Sander Hadley Camera: GoPro Hero 3+ Black Location: Alta/Snowbird, … Read More

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Remarkable Video of a Grizzly Bear Trying to Eat a GoPro Camera

Back in 2013 naturalist Brad Josephs captured remarkable footage of a grizzly bear trying to eat his GoPro HD HERO2 camera, which was recently re-edited to “Peach Bottom Baby” by Coo Coo Birds. Josephs captured the … Read More


Epic Alert For The Sierra | Waist Deep Likely By Late Wednesday & Again This Weekend! EPIC ALERT!    The Sierra is going to get blasted with 2 significant storms.  The first moves in Tuesday night and peaks on Wednesday morning.  Temps will crash to the valley floors Wednesday-Thursday … Read More

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Several Feet Of Snow Forecasted For Tahoe

Starting on Tuesday afternoon the Tahoe region will see a change from Spring conditions to full on winter with two back to back snow storms. The storms are forecasted to drop multipul feet … Read More

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Wild Wild Wasatch | Superior and Broads Fork

Alex and Max have been turning out great backcountry split-boarding edits all season. Last week they hit up Broads Fork from BCC and Superior from LCC. I was luck enough … Read More

There's no shortage of eye candy in the Chugach, especially an area like "Snaggle" as seen from the Tour Camp LZ.

State of the Backcountry 2014: XI | Sponsored by Alpenglow Sports

It’s the beginning of spring and the 2014 Alaskan ski season is firing on all cylinders. In Cordova, the Points North Heli-Adventures Tour Camp is off and running having weathered … Read More


2014 Rahlves’ Banzai Tour: Silver Belt Finals at Sugar Bowl

“Shot entirely with GoPros, here’s a bit of footage to get a better idea about what’s it like to race in the Rahlves’ Banzai Tour.” - Powder Magazine

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WARNING: If You Are Prone to Jealousy DO NOT WATCH THIS!

February in Hokkaido Austin Barta skiing Japan with SASS Global Travel.

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SHORTER Official Trailer: 4th Annual Pain McSchlonkey Classic

4th Annual Pain McSchlonkey Classic | SHORTER Official Trailer From the producers who brought you “Weaker” and “Smaller” comes the third and final Chapter, “Shorter”. While this film might never … Read More

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Alta, UT Yesterday | Sleeper Pow Day | You wish you were there…

Thanks to Nate Fillnow and for the edit. Yesterday was a sleeper day indeed. Those who got it know. Those who didn’t….

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February Was Jackson Hole’s Second Biggest Month Ever For Snowfall | Here Is What You Missed

We have reported earlier on what a monster season Jackson Hole is having but Long Story Short: February of 2014 was the 2nd snowiest on record in Jackson Hole.  “Nothing but powder … Read More

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Snap Dragon Couloir | Adventures in the Wasatch

Alex Gavic and his partner Max created this edit to show off the hard work and the payoff you get when you go deeper into the backcountry. Enjoy! A week … Read More

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Color on the Mountain | Panda Poles Mis Season Edit

Tanner and Sander are at it again. Spraying fun all over the mountain at Alta, UT in their colorful new outfits and dope new Panda Poles. I am pretty sure … Read More

Girls first ski jump

Watch: 10 Year Old Girl’s First K40 Ski Jump [Classic Post]

Watch this 10-year-old girl conquer her fear and step up to a K40 ski jump.  


Unofficial List: Top 5 Ski Areas In Japan

Asahidake Ski Resort The Asahidake ski resort is smokin’. No literally, the resort sits on an active volcano with lots of fumaroles emitting steam and gas. Asahidake, located on Japan’s north … Read More