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La Nina Pattern Visits the Pacific Northwest Next Week

It’s about time that the La Nina weather pattern shows up in the Pacific NW.  It’s actually not all that uncommon that the ENSO state doesn’t take control of the weather pattern … Read More


Know Boundaries Episode 2: The Avalanche Triad: Terrain / Snowpack / Weather

Episode 2 from the North Face stresses the most important 3 FACTORS in reading your mountain environment, Terrain, Snowpack, and Weather.  These three elements can never be ignored and must be respected … Read More


Scientist wants to make snowflake formation crystal-clear

Consider the iconic six-sided snowflake: lacy, fluffy and the subject of interpretation by millions of children aided only by folded paper and scissors. Although the ground is covered in them … Read More

jake sakson

Jake Sakson’s segment | Powderwhore’s “TeleVision”

Jake Sakson kills it in this segment from Powderwhore’s “Television”.  Skip to 2:23 to cut right to the SHREDDING!  Loads of steep, big lines, and killer tele turns.  Jake is … Read More


Moonflower Trailer | Patagonia Climbing Movie

Here is Patagonia’s trailer for their  newest climbing movie, called Moonflower.  Set in Alaska on Mt. Hunter this looks like it will be a solid film showing some of the … Read More

Lucas Debari

Lucas Debari on everything Mt. Baker

Lucas Debari on everything Mt. Baker -  Coming from the man himself, local shredder and pro snowboarder Lucas Debari talks about Mt. Baker, the in’s and out’s of his home mountain.  … Read More

12-15-11 conditions photo

Conditions Report Mt Baker | Dec. 15

The snow came in yesterday and needless to say it wasn’t the droids we were looking for, but it is a much needed change from the lack of precipitation.  It … Read More


Some Light Snowfall to Affect the Pacific NW Every Few Days

We are still waiting for the La Nina storm train to arrive in the Pacific NW.  It’s only a matter of time before it does.  The trough of low pressure … Read More

beast christian

Dropping the Monster part 2 | Redemption Huck

Christian Regester is a sick snowboarder.  I am not just saying that because he is my homey, or because he peddles me some free gear, here and there, no I … Read More

OR tiny house tour

Sidecountry Side Show Trailer | Outdoor Research

CHECK OUT ZACK, MOLLY, AND NEIL in OR’S Sidecountry Trailer: Sidecountry Side Show Trailer by Outdoor Research This winter, OR ambassadors Molly Baker, Zack Giffin and Neil Provo are subscribing to … Read More

conditions  (3)

Conditions Report / Mt. Baker Dec 12th

Mt. Shuksan More of the same for Mt. Baker and the PNW today.  With no new snow and cold temps the snow is as bad as it gets around here, … Read More

POV gangsta

Mt. Baker POV | Gangsta Opening Week

This is a POV clip from Dec.1.  The pow was good, and the early season gnar is for the taking!  Enjoy the clip, “but you should never move to my … Read More

christian beast photo

Huge Cliff Drop “Beast Area” Mt. Baker / How big do you think it is?

Today hiking on the Shuksan Arm, I was staring down the gnarly section called the “beast” area.  Here is a video from Funner Projects and Jeremy Dubbs a couple years … Read More

12-7-11 Paul. K. boundary air - conditions

Mt. Baker Conditions Report – Dec. 7th

Paul Kimbrough Launching the rope line Conditions Report: December 7, 2011  Mt. Baker Ski Area.  It was a mixed bag at the mountain today, fog down-low, a bit of rain … Read More


Active Weather To Return to the Pacific NW Next Week

Things are still looking good for a pattern change next week and we will start it off with the chance of some light snow with a cold trough this weekend.  Things … Read More

skate GIF #1

11 Reasons why Skateboarding IS for Skiers

Here are 11 reasons why skateboarding IS for skiers. Balance groovy pavement pow going sideways ain’t all that bad…(kinda like slalom waterskiing) footwork…spiny, pillow, tech… footwork CRASHING SUCKS! You either die, … Read More

big dryer lint

The Best Fire Starter Money Can’t Buy: PET Balls

Yesterday I decided to try out my new PET balls in the backcountry.  After following the simple instructions I packed one in my pack, and while stopping for a safety … Read More


Avy Education – Mt. Baker Style | Know Boundaries by The North Face

The North Face gives us a good lesson and reminders on how, what, and why we need to be educated on snow science.  Learn about local snowpack, practice, and never … Read More


Top 10 Things Lifties Will Hate You For

Top 10 Things Lifties will hate you for Not listening Being on your phone when loading not having a pass ducking the rope for the lift (where the lift swings … Read More

John Wells - BW - SLASH - Rylan Schoen | Mount Baker, WA Joins the Unofficial Team

Unofficial Networks is proud to introduce Mount Baker is a beacon in our sport with their main asset being what we all crave – snow.  In 1998 Mt Baker got … Read More

beer skiing shot

Mt. Baker Ski Area – Open Container – Alcohol

Mt. Baker Ski Area Mountain Policies Per Washington Law RCW 66.44.100 As per RCW 66.44.100, you may not leave your vehicle or walk around the Mt. Baker parking lot with … Read More

unofficial ski tip pov

SKi TIP (POV) – Mt. Baker Backcountry

The last powder day of the year April 28, 2011.  Late season snowpack, solid conditions in the b.c. and my Go Pro make for a good look at shredding from … Read More


Telluride Ranked 8th Most Challenging Ski Resort- Jackson 1st, Snowbird 2nd, Squaw 3rd

Jared Vincent Photos According to…take it for what it’s worth, but I think these rankings are fair enough.  I guess it is based on readers picking them, which is … Read More


Another Storm for the Pacific NW Today, 12-18″ For Mt. Hood, Over 2 ft. Possible on Mt. Baker

This is going to be another big year for the Pacfic NW with the La Nina.  The La Nina will not be as strong this season but that doesn’t affect … Read More


POV Paradise – Baker Film Festival Edit

This is my edit for the Mt. Baker Film Festival submission.  It opened up the show!  So stoked!  A fast 4:35 of A mix-up of of POV, angles, slo-mo, and … Read More

Screen Shot 2011-11-21 at 1.02.42 PM

Opening Day at Mt. Baker = DEEP POWDER brings us this look at Opening Day Mt. Baker.  Music “Law of Nature Outro” Marlin “Totally Totally” The Flamboyant gods So…. I wasn’t sure if an opening day could ever … Read More