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the new super 7 getting it done in Japan

Rossignol Squad 7 | Unofficial Gear Review

Buy your pair of Rossignol Squad 7′s at Over the past few years Rossignol has been turning out some experimental skis, from the incredibly popular S7, to the RC112, … Read More


FORSAKE: All-Weather Kicks | “It’s like your hiking boots and dancing shoes had a love child.”

FORSAKE: All-Weather Kicks to Keep You Dry and Fly “It’s like your hiking boots and dancing shoes had a love child.” Some former ski bums have formed a new company … Read More


BCA Tracker2 Beacon | Unofficial Gear Review

Buy your BCA Tracker2 Beacon at If you head out skiing when there is new snow on the ground in to the backcountry, sidecountry, or even in bounds, you … Read More

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Super POW Snurfing | “Sinking Feeling”

Snurfing - The act of surfing on snow. The precursor to snowboarding. Snurfing was extremely popular in the early days of snowboarding, until Jake Burton started dominating the competition scene in … Read More


Best Touchscreen Winter Gloves []

One of Unofficial Networks favorite websites,, brings us this article on the Best Touchscreen Winter Gloves for smart phones and tablets.  Anyone who owns a smartphone knows what a pain in the … Read More

Cochise 130 Pro

Tecnica Cochise 130 Pro | Unofficial Gear Review

Buy your pair of Tecnica Cochise 130 Pro Ski Boots at With the Tecnica Cochise 130 Pro, it doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned backcountry veteran or someone looking … Read More

shirts off for spring skiing

Spring Day Essentials | 10 Things to Keep You Cool On and Off the Hill

 1. Smith Serpico Polarized Sunglasses You can’t head out for a day of fun in the sun without some steezy eye protection.  The Smith Serpico with it’s classic aviator styling … Read More


Zai Laisa | Dreamboat Swiss Skis

Switzerland based company Zai is a ski and golf club manufacturing company that specializes in using new and hybrid materials in their skis. Their latest and greatest ski, dubbed the Laisa features … Read More


Avra Evo 3+ Avalanche Beacon | Unofficial Review

  With the explosion in the number of people in the backcountry in mountains worldwide safety has become a major concern no matter where it is that you ski.  One … Read More

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Chuck Mumford and Pit Viper Sunglasses | Pit Viper. It’s blowing up.

Pit Viper. It’s blowing up. Chuck Mumford, unofficial star of G.N.A.R., is here to tell you about Pit Viper. 


Bulletproof Snowboard | Every Third Thursday

Recently, the Top 4 Ski Pursuits were ranked, and as much as speed matters, if you have bullets ripping apart your poorly constructed equipment, you aren’t going to get very … Read More

Screen shot 2012-11-15 at 8.56.11 AM

Drift HD Ghost | Unofficial Gear Review

This review comes in from recently engaged pro telemarkers Weston Deutschlander and Shaun Raskin. The pair of free heelin’ rippers have had a chance to check out this new video … Read More

Avalanche Air Bag

Air Bags – A Review on Decision-Making

I had the pleasure of trying a couple of the current offerings in air bags over the last two years and was impressed by their design. Well, at least the … Read More

2013 Marker Duke Ski Binding

NEW 2013 Marker Duke | Unofficial Gear Review

Buy your pair of Marker Duke touring bindings at The Marker Duke is a tried and true touring binding that serves well for those who are as concerned with … Read More

Russian Mars Skiing Robot

Robots Once Skied On Mars

The mars rover, with it’s large solar panel and 6 oversized wheels, has sent back countless amazing photos but it wasn’t the first robot to venture to the red planet. … Read More


Storm Day Essentials | 10 Things Every Powder Hound Needs | Unofficial List of the Week

1. Salomon Rocker2 122 When things get deep, you bring out the big sticks.  And the Salomon Rocker2 is big.  When it comes to surfing pow, ripping through the trees, … Read More


Volkl Gotama | Unofficial Gear Review

Buy your pair of Volkl Gotama at The new Volkl Gotama has long been a favorite in the ski industry. Undergoing a number of transformations over the past years, … Read More

look pivot 18 ski binding

Look Pivot 18 XXL Binding | Unofficial Gear Review

Buy your pair of Look Pivot 18 XXL Bindings at The Look Pivot 18 XXL has withstood the test of time and remains the most burly and resilient binding … Read More

Wasatch Maps

Free Ski Maps |

Last week I spent my day at the Utah Snow and Avalanche Workshop (USAW) listening to some very eye opening presentations.  One of the things mentioned at USAW are these … Read More

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3 Must Have Ski Accessories For Under $20

Ski-Gee Goggle Wipe Price: $1.95 The Ski-Gee goggle wipe is widely known as one of the top three ski inventions of the past 100 years. The Ski-Gee works like a manual windshield … Read More


Backcountry Skiing Gear Setup | 10 Things to Get You Out There | Unofficial List of the Week

 1. BCA Tracker2 Beacon The BCA Tracker2 is the most intuitive and simple to use beacon on the market, and with a thinner profile and lighter weight than the original … Read More


Smith I/O Recon | Turn Yourself Into a Cyborg for $650 | Smith’s Version of GPS Enabled Goggles

That’s right, here is Smith’s counter to Oakley’s Airwave GPS enabled goggle.  For the price of 6 pairs of traditional I/O goggles you can wear the future on your face. … Read More


RESQSKI – Electronic Ski Finder For Powder Skis

Your skiing along on a glorious powder morning when pop, you click out of your bindings and your skis are no where to be found.  It has happened to the … Read More


Marmot Armageddon Undercuff Glove | Unofficial Gear Review

The new Armageddon undercuff glove is a streamlined, ultra sleet, ultra waterproof, incredibly dexterous and down right amazing new glove offering from Marmot. I was fortunate enough to sample a … Read More

Skiamos spread.

Skiamos Magazine 2012-2013 Online | Stoke from the Pyrenees

Click Here For New Edition Online     Skiamos just released their 2012-2013 online magazine. This is the 4th edition. It has some great photos and stories from the top … Read More

burton 2

Burton restructure end of Forum, Special Blend, Foursquare

An article today by outlined a restructure at Burton Snowboards. Here is a summary of the changes which will take place. An announcement from Burton Snowboards today details great … Read More