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We reported yesterday on the Drought Conditions that persist in the Tahoe area. Today, we bring you this quick report from NOAA on California’s snowpack. 

“It has been an extremely dry start to the 2013-2014 winter, as many of you are more than aware. California Department of Water Resources did a snow survey last Friday and the image shows a summary of their findings. The northern and central Sierra snow pack is only 10-21% of normal. There are a few chances for precipitation mid-week through the weekend, but nothing significant by typical Sierra standards.” – NOAA, Sacramento

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  1. Snowshoe WV says:

    Snowshoe, WV has had more snow than Tahoe. Nuts.

  2. JP. says:

    We send the best wishes for all the sierra area… i used to ski at Kirkwood and some other resorts of the Tahoe area and i have the best memories of some of the bests lines of my life!!!

    Keep strong folks!

  3. JPW says:

    I like how this graphic doesn’t even include the San Bernardino mountains! We have snow down here in Big Bear! Not much, but its where it counts!

  4. Dick Aiken says:

    Its going to happen people! Storm cycles will begin to erupt in 3 weeks and beyond…trust me

    All the best,

    A meteorologist

    • Bob says:

      It might be a good sign to see someone say this other than open snow. Thank you for making me cautiously optimistic!

  5. Professor FuckNuts says:

    you guys will get yours soon enough. in epic proportions by years end

  6. The Lord says:

    Less snow = more rollerblading.


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