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The last few days have been sick in the LCC. If you can deal with the canyon jam it was way worth it. This is another awesome edit from Nate Fillnow and There are some LARGE backflips in the Rock Point Section off A-Frame and B-Frame. Around 0:30 to 1:00 deep. Check it and see!


Oh Pow, We Love You SOOOOOO Much!

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  1. shane says:

    -200 backslap

  2. Ski Bum Poet says:

    Nice edit, Nate! Looks like you guys escaped the weekend bluebird late Feb masses by hitting Rocky Pt and “Fatski” Marley. Thanks for the report!

  3. Radder Than You says:

    One of those guys sure likes rolling down the windows and being in the backseat..

  4. Bitches says:

    The funny thing is…anyone who can ski like these guys (or better) would actually compliment them because almost great skiers are humble and appreciate the sport.
    So, to all of you “expert critics”…keep on hatin cuz the reality is you are late teen/early 20′s wannabes who can’t pull it off yourselves…bahahahaha!!

    Nice work Nate!

  5. poofta says:

    Great edit, but can you really call it Alta??? More like Alta BC, which is awesome. But not the same thing as Alta (it’s better).

  6. yeehaw says:

    thanks for another sick edit bud!

  7. PA MFer says:

    Bitches you make a great point. A solid and confident skier/person wouldn’t waste their time trolling the internet telling everyone else how bad they are. This ability to make statements anonymously really does allow for some meaningless commentary.

  8. the truth says:

    i was there

    it was tee time fo sho!

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