The Blister crew was down in Las Leñas a couple weeks ago testing skis, and since returning to the USA they’ve been putting posting a high quality assortment of photos, videos, and ski reviews. If you aren’t familiar with Blister Gear Reviews, you should be. They put together the most comprehensive and thorough reviews of ski gear available on the internet. If you want to know what skis to buy, they are the resource to read.


Cerro Leñas and pow.

Cerro Leñas and pow.


Take a look at some of the reviews of next year’s skis they’ve put together from the Las Leñas trip:, 

Dynastar Cham 107

Salomon Rocker 2 108

Salomon Rocker 115

Down Skis Countdown 3

Fischer Watea 106

Atomic Automatic




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  1. steve says:

    so glad i didnt hold out for the chams and got bonafides instead. They sound like shit skis

  2. torn edge says:

    ^^^^that much conviction from a Blister review. I don’t think so…unless your strong bias is in synch with their subjective bias.

  3. steve says:

    dunno about any of that , they just sound soft and scary as speed picks up, maybe not shit for intermediate thougfh

  4. Guy says:

    The video was pretty ok but the skiers pole plants were bothersome. It seems like they could find a professional to rep there gear. This is a reflection of the company and gear

    • Jim says:

      Jeez Guy….you sound like a real expert. I thought the video was pretty good. I think I`d like skiing Las Lenas.

      Have a nice day.

  5. regan says:

    I can’t wrap my head around Bilster’s shitty review of the super 7 last year. I think they are doing it wrong.


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